May 12, trips and tricks to survive to your shift like a nurse

  1. You betcha...I need advices, he, he, he.

    Deep breath and a perfect ahuuuum for deep inside -out deep breath, Zuzi
    If you survive in the first 2 hours... the sift is like gone.

    A pray for tommorow... Dear God to all nurses from this world, please don't let my BP to going up to sky tommorow and keep my mouth closed and my smile smiling, and make me my God to forgot dirty words, special requested for special situation, lol

    And help me God to not educate and tutoring. And give me my God power to smile with all my soul and really to enjoy what I do. And let me my God to buy a mirror to verify my rear back all the time here and there ...old ladies and smoked guys alway had crash on me, damn it.....hello I am human...I didn't crushed your eyes and run good on your path don't bumping me, lol

    And keep negativity away from me, lool

    And belive me if they don't learn neither this time ......I will buy for them some marbles, is easy with marbles....they could use them like hot stones for massage, looool, Ds local.
    Please don't try to smartest me.. ...
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  3. by   compassion1
    (((((((Zuzi))))))) I'm praying for you to have a peaceful day without people bothering you. :icon_hug:Have a good day, Zuzi.