May 11 2009

  1. First one again; I guess there is an advantage to AM shift...

    Getting ready for another clinical today, feel fine this time, should be OK.

    I'm hoping trouble doesn't come in threes: Sat night I was sick and couldn't make it to clinicals, Sun night I found someone had taken my bike from the storage room downstairs. The police say it's been happening quite a bit around here. Not sure if I'm going to replace it right away or not, I wasn't using it that much (which is why it took me a week to notice it was missing).

    Have class tomorrow afternoon but no clinical, which should be nice.

    Talked to my BIL---I missed his nursing school graduation due to clinicals---and he's found a job too, a little farther away then he'd like but he likes the position.
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  3. by   zuzi
    Hey good night/morning... I am sure that you are eyes and ears to know adventures from my Woanderland...Well tody was ok, even if was crazy was ok, without negative twisted minds people around was ok, people did their job, rough time funny times, work.... but TK God that I didn't heard again moaning and deep breathings and eyes twisted and drama....I am tired of depressed negative people....with their mind twisted, loooool.

    OH yes and I was so happy today than even I feel that I dance, loool, did I danced, nop!

    Hey much more I meet a AWESOME lady, gorgeous, and you know that if I said gorgeous ...she was , may be around 50ies, I think that her eyes was purple, but she had style, a walk style, a hand hung up style, just gorgouse, warm my heart and soul that seen only twisted crazy staff in the last week. Did you had the sensation ever of deja vu.....I had the sensation that I seen her in a picture..... but that was happen with my last taxi driver also, lool ...hello shrink you are there???? Zuzi need a consultation! Well I am old so don't blame me that I look after gorgeuse old ladies, loooooool . But belive me she has style! Uhoooo! That is for my pictures albume... not picture, but was a gorgeous think.

    Much more ... a beuatifull dolly sell pizza, she is a cutty pattuty, she blushs, and lost her focus all the time when I ask her somenthing... bad Zuzi! I am old... and I scare youngs ones, and belive me or not I don't do it by purpose, may be I look scarry, he, he,he, I am a good one, just I look scarry, ....

    And much more.... DANG, you don't know that still.... when I meet a friend, a friend of an old friend I knew it that we know one to each other from long time ago, lol, her words from the earings are the words from my upside bed wall..... so we just played a little.... is life....lived....dreaming for real...

    I don't need to hear again bulshit about money.... whatever you want is ok for me also...give me a break with their craps.......and please take away negative dizzy people and thinks around me.....give me positive people, sparkling minds BALANCED, and let's run this place, damn it!

    I hope that my BP will not be again high to sky tommorow looking at "what new creepy thinks was done by my wife Samantha", lol

    we will see, stay up.... and by the married, he, he, he with a nurse! Run Zuzi, run, lol!
  4. by   Grace Oz
    A quick hello as I'm on my way to bed.

    Hi Joe and Zuzi! ...... hope you have a good day today.
    Bad luck about the bike, Joe. Why do people do things like steal others property?! Guess it's got a new owner now! Good luck with the clinical today!

    Zuzi ... it's always best to stay positive and seek out positive people to be with.

    Wishing everyone a happy and healthy day and may the week ahead be kind to you!
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  5. by   compassion1
    Mood morning Joe. Yes, you often get the honor of starting our Good Morning thread and it's appreciated. Sorry about your bike. Some people can be so mean and uncaring.

    Hi Zuzi. Nice to see you. I'm glad you're having a better day. It's nice that you were able to get out and about. (((((((Hugs)))))))

    Hello Grace. I hope you're sleeping well. Stay cozy and warm. I bet your trees are lovely.

    I'm hoping you all have a wonderful God blessed day.
  6. by   zuzi
    Oh is late, and I am still here... he, he, he....I love miss Raitt, well are my country songs, is me, me, me always, but that is all for today need to run...always I pray to not mess someone minds with my songs, I hope no! Are just uplifting songs, that is all!
  7. by   dianah
    Hello all!

    Got off on time, had ds drive me to the grocery store for a few odds 'n ends, and he deposited some checks into the Credit Union (branch inside the grocery store).

    Now I'm home stuffing my face with leftover eggplant parmagiana.

    Got some cleaning to do, and I want to watch Dancing With The Stars.

    Thoughts are with you all.
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Hello . . .good evening actually.*wine I'll have a "smilie" drink of wine since I'm on call for hospice.

    I'm very tired and heading to bed early. Been a busy weekend and day. Just got home from Danny's baseball game. It is sunny but pretty windy so my ears are ringing more than usual.

    Dianah - I made chicken breasts with onion slices, tomato slices and basil and garlic . .. let it cook in the oven while at baseball and it is very tender and yummy.

    My husband is working in the woods! So he won't be home until after the sun goes down.

    See you in the morning for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. :hotchocolate:

  9. by   dianah
    Steph, glad your dh is off in the woods!
    The chicken sounds delicious!

    It was cooler today, only 86 degrees.
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from dianah
    Steph, glad your dh is off in the woods!
    The chicken sounds delicious!

    It was cooler today, only 86 degrees.
    I think we were in the 70's most of the day. And as irritating as the wind can be, it really helps dry up the roads in the woods so my dh can work. (However, that is a double-edged sword as it increases fire danger too).

    Danny is playing with Ziggy and Marla . .. I never did download those photos . .. .too tired to do it but I'll try to do it tomorrow.

    (edited to add . . the chicken is South Beach . . )

  11. by   dianah
    Quote from Spidey's mom
    (edited to add . . the chicken is South Beach . . )