May 1, 2007

  1. I must have just caught the moment when Allnurses came back online, was going a little nuts without it!

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  3. by   TazziRN
    Hey, Zoe! What happened to the other threads started today? Mine went *poof*!
  4. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from TazziRN
    Hey, Zoe! What happened to the other threads started today? Mine went *poof*!
    I saw a post on your "what happened" thread that explains it - what a pain eh?

    Speaking of pains, are your kids behaving? LOL

    My boy is 20 today! About 15 minutes ago as a matter of fact ...
  5. by   dianah
    Zoe, that painting is scary! lol!

    Good morning to all (even though it's 10:40 pm on Mon nite still!!)!

    Had a productive evening:

    *dh and I met with our insurance agent/financial advisor, who transferred some deferred comp. funds to a diff't account for better long-term yield. (I just say the words, that's all; like I told her: give me someone who's bleeding and I'm OK, but please don't expect me to understand FINANCES!!! lol!)
    *made dinner
    *paid bills
    *wrote paper for Jazz class (only 3 pages)
    *shuttled youngest back from Police Explorer's meeting

    I meant to watch Dancing With The Stars, but got on a roll writing the paper, so opted to finish the paper. I'll survive, really I will.

    Gonna get ready for bed now.

    Y'all have a good one!
  6. by   Cherish
    Zoe-Cute pic lol

    Tazzi-Brian said that any post after 2:30 yesterday has been basically lost during the update.

    Morning everyone,

    I'm going to an Art Gallery today at Duke University. I have an art project due and I need to do some research. Then its off to my Weight Watchers meeting. I just started last week, lost 5lbs so far, hooray for me! Hope everyone else has a great day.
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  7. by   dianah
    Cherish, CONGRATS on the weight loss!!
  8. by   Cherish
    Quote from dianah
    Cherish, CONGRATS on the weight loss!!

    Thank ya! Thank ya! *curtsy* I got a cruise in 18 days so hopefully I can lose one dress size (PRAYING!). Really trying to lose the weight for health and for looking good in that old fashion dress and nursing cap their going to have us wear during clinicals. I'm not trying to look like a stuffed sausage in a blue hot dog wrapper .
  9. by   TazziRN
    I saw it, Zoe, thanks. I reposted my thread. It's a good one.

    Let's see: Hubs and I had it out with DS a few nights ago, because his behavior took a sudden turn for the worse and we had to figure it out. A lot of stuff came out that he had been holding in for months, and things are a lot more relaxed around here.

    DD#1 is behaving so far. She was upset today because her senior class's stuff came in today and her order was lost......over $400 worth of stuff like a class ring, announcements, etc. The rep said he would look for it and hopefully have it for her tomorrow. I told her that if he couldn't find it, to tell him that he needs to put a rush on it and have it redone, and deliver it with her cap and gown next week, otherwise she gets a full refund.

    DD#2: check the cops thread!!
  10. by   nursemary9

    Good morning, friends-- I'm back at work--just like I had never been off!!
    3 weeks sure went quickly!!

    They shorted us one nurse tonight--like I said--NOTHING NEW HERE!!

    Zoe, thanks for starting the thread!! Get some sleep!!

    Cherish, Congrats on the weight loss!! That can be so hard!!

    Tazzi, Hope your DD's prob's get resolved--that can be a real headache!!

    Di Glad you had such a good evening!! Get some sleep now

    I mentioned last week that I had an ear ache--now I can hardly hear anything out of that ear; I suppose if it doesn't resolve itself in a few days, I'll need to see MD.

    Have not read many of the threads since last week--need to catch up!!
    I don't really know what's going on with all of you!!

    First, tho, got to do my charting & computer work here!! I guess that's what they pay me for!!

    See you all later-- if not,. you all have a great day!!

    My day will be quiet when I leave here--DH going golfing!!

    Mary Ann
  11. by   bethin

    Nothing really planned for today. Will be going back to my apt so I can pay bills. But I'll be back late Wed. My mom is having surgery on Thursday morning and I've made a list of things that I would like her to request prior to surgery. Our surgery dept isn't the greatest. Pain meds? Nope. Phenergan for nausea? Nope. Waking up still intubated? You betcha. But I think they finally fired the ansthesiolgist(I know I spelled that wrong) who was doing this. I asked her if she wanted me there but she said just to write this stuff down.

    When I had major surgery in a large hospital I rec'd pain meds right before waking up along with phenergan. I had zero pain or nausea and I was out for 3 hours.
  12. by   Tweety
    Good morning! I hope that everyone has a good day!
  13. by   DDRN4me
    Hi friends!! not much going on today.. work day; dh coming home from Switzerland; dd and fiance coming for dinner. hope everyone has a great day!! Mary
  14. by   suzy253
    Morning all! Nothing new to report here either. Hope everyone has a good one! :spin: