Martial Law

  1. May i hear your thoughts and feelings concerning new laws that may/maynot be coming down the pike. ID papers to move about the country, screening of all e-mail and phone calls, cameras up the yang_yang, etc.etc.etc. VISIT MY WEBSITE
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  3. by   nicola
    I haven't heard about proposed laws, but do think that increased security is a good thing. I've heard the idea of nat'l ID bantered about, but don't think it'll amount to much, really. Most people have state ID of some sort, which should be required.

    I, personally, see nothing wrong with checking ID and even making people empty their bags when going into certain places. Phone tapping and email checking... well... if they really want to pry into my boring life, they're welcome! I honestly think that any wire tapping they do will have to be carefully thought out because there's no way they could possibly catch all the suspicious stuff out there.

    As far as security is concerned, I really think that we, the American people, are the best defenses. We need to learn how to look for things that are out of place - I'm talking about unattended bags at airports and people who are where they don't need to be - and report them. No, I'm not calling for a return to McCarthyism or Big Brother, but if we make it our business to be aware of our surroundings it will help.

    I need to feel safe more than I need privacy right now.
  4. by   VickyRN
    Justice Department's Mobilization Against Terrorism Act.

    "We don't have weeks," Attorney General Ashcroft stated "There needs to be an urgency to this. Unless every tool is utilized and done so promptly, we are vulnerable! We do not have the luxury of time to react. There are additional terrorist threats ... the country should be on a heightened alert."

    The proposed legislation will combat terrorism on several fronts. The new laws would ...

    - Allow intelligence officials to keep up with the increasingly sophisticated modes of global communications used by terrorists
    - Allow the Immigration and Naturalization Service to detain and remove those who give support to terrorist organizations
    - Enhance prosecutors' ability to disable terrorists BEFORE they carry out devastating acts
    - Give authorities the power to cripple the financial support of terrorist organizations.

    More info:

  5. by   Mijourney
    Hi. Yes, some measures under Marshall Law should be used in the current climate. Hopefully, the civil courts will be watching closely to make sure that the government boundaries are not overstepped.

    IMO, it is vitally important to get as many terroists "off the street" as possible. The longer it takes to get terroist activity under control so that it can be reduced or eliminated, the more I'm concerned that our freedoms will be increasingly limited. If westernized countries undergo another attack, expect more restrictions then are being discussed now.

    I feel that ultimately, our best weapon against terroism is to work towards diminishing the effects of poor or lack of education, poverty, apathy, greed, and marginalization across the globe.
  6. by   cmggriff
    I am always a bit concerned when people say "I've got nothing to hide so let them look at whatever they want, just keep me safe".
    Under present laws, if you are accused of drug trafficing by law enforcement officials, they can seize your possessions (all of them) and sell them without your having any trial. Your government trying to keep you safe. And if you believe that no law enfocement official could be so corrupt as to accuse someone who is innocent, well I don't need to waste my breath on you.