Marriage proposals-Tell us your story

  1. While reading Michelle's thread on her engagement I thought it would be fun to hear how everyone that is married was proposed to. Or for the guys how you proposed to your wives, or even who asked who first.
    My husband is great but not real romantic.
    He asked me to marry him while watching the Super Bowl in 1981 at half time. Then we weren't allowed to talk about it again until the game was over. Then he told everyone I asked him.(its been a standing joke with our friends)
    We were married Nov. 1982 and two kids and almost 20yrs later he we are.
    Tell us your story!
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  3. by   Robin61970
    We were in the middle of moving from a 2 bedroom apartment into a 4 bedroom house.....we had ALL four kids for the weekend and we were humping butt trying to get stuff done.....well I sent him to get dinner.....he tried to convince me to take all 4 kids with me, but I fought that one tooth and nail so he took the 3 boys and I took the 1 girl for a few minutes of peace. Keep in mind we were in filthy clothes and had been moving all day.....they come in and his oldest boy is just way excited and the other two are acting kind of odd, but I was busy packing and not paying alot of attention.....the oldest boy kept whispering something to his dad and brothers that I couldn't quite make husband went down on one knee in the middle of this mess and opened his mouth.......then his oldest yelled "Will you Marry us?" My husband repeated the question and I cried and cried......he finally asked if that was a yes and I nodded......I asked him if he was afraid I was going to say no and he said hell I was afraid you weren't going to breathe...........he had planned to pick the ring up and take me out to dinner in a few days and ask me, but when I wouldn't take the kids and he had to go get the ring it blew his plans......its a good story though......

  4. by   duckie
    Good minds think alike because I was going to post this very same thread. DH and I had been living together for about six months or so when he popped the big question the final time. He had asked me repeatedly but I always said it was too soon to make that decision. (both of us have had previous divorces) But, after living together for awhile, I knew in my heart he was the one for me but after asking several times he decided to try a new tactic to pop the question. He enlisted the aid of my daughter and her boyfriend. We were all out shopping at the local mall one day and my daughter said she just "HAD" to go into this jewelry store. My daighter is addicted to jewelry so this came as no shock to me. My now hubby excused himself, stating he had to go to the restroom and we looked around, my daughter trying on every ring in the place. Hubby returns and then as we were standing there, looking at the bridal sets, an announcement came over the loud speaker. It said, "Attention Sherry, Jimmy wants you to know he loves you very much and would be very proud if you would marry him." To say the least I was stunned. My daughter had taken the store clerk aside and told her what was going to happen, so I had many sets of eyes on me as I stood there. What gal could resist a man that would take that chance, so through the tears and kisses, I said yes and we proceeded to pick out my engagement ring. We have been married going on 10 years and it's been the best years of my life.
  5. by   kids
    We had 'been together' for a couple of years and living together for most of it, life was good and we were both pretty comfortable with the idea of "if I was ever going to get married again I'd pick you".
    He was working for his former employer (telecommunications) and had been sent to Virginia for 2 weeks in January-it turned into flying home to Washington every other weekend. We were both pretty unhappy with the arrangement, thank God for cell phone rate packages with HUGE numbers of free local minutes ( ha! I was in WA, he was in VA and our cell numbers were both local to our home)...anyway it just kind of progressed...starting out with maybe its not such a bad idea and ending up with us 'deciding' to get married some time that summer.
    At some point after that he decided I hadn't been properly asked and felt bad for it. He sent me flowers from VA with a card saying 'will you marry me' and about 50 e-cards, post cards and greeting cards asking. I would get phone calls at work and on my cell and voice mail...I think he asked me 100 times in 10 days.

    Naturally I said yes.

    We had both been married before and had done the 'big show' (actually I had been married a couple of times) and we decided to be practacle and just go do it at the court house with a couple of witnesses. 2 weeks before the 'date' I decided I wanted a real wedding, one of my choosing (had never really got to be in control before) and managed to pull off an informal wedding in my Mom's back yard with 100 people, I did the food, cake, flowers and decorations -nothing really fancy-but what I wanted. I had planned to get married barefoot because I hate to wear shoes but my dress was lumpy with out panty hose. My daughter took the pictures (barefoot), my oldest boy was best man and my youngest boy gave me away (they both got new baseball caps for the occasion). It was the least stressful wedding I have ever had/been to/been in.

    Now my daughter wants to get married in my back yard summer of 2003 and wants me to do all the food etc.
  6. by   nurs4kids
    We had been living together a couple months and just kinda decided to get married in about two weeks. One night, I'm at work and I come out of a patient room and hubby and my best friend are standing at the nurses station talking to all my coworkers. As I walk out of patient's room, hubby drops to his knee and pulls out a ring and asks me to marry him. I'm the extrovert, he the introvert. All I could do was beg him to get off his knee before another patient or family member came walking down the hall. I was completely embarrassed. Six years later, I remember it as that moment, I could have killed him.
  7. by   MiniRNC
    My hubby was a blind date for my 1st year dinner dance at our nursing school. It didn't take long to learn he had a reputation for being late!! So it wasn't a surprise to see he waited 6yrs to propose. We had discussed it a little off and on, but he was the one who wanted to wait. When it happened, I was totally surprised.
    He picked me up from my 3-11:30 shift at the hospital. He was waiting til midnight and called me out to the kitchen at 1201 am 2/14/81 and handed me a large flat box containing a Valentine Card & a box of candy. He slowly opened his hand to hold out the ring box and popped the question. Well I was so shocked I (couldn't say a word at least for a while.) He said, "Gee, I guess I have to give you diamonds to make you speechless." We'd never looked at rings together.
    A few years ago I lost the diamond from that ring. Last year 2/14/01 was our 20th anniversary of our engagement & just as memorable as the original night. I had been mentioning wanting a new stone to replace the one I lost or an anniversary ring. So he made up this story about a guy who was selling a ring because he had broken off with the girl. Anyway he thought I should have my finger sized because I have trouble with swelling. We did & spent an hour trying on and looking at lots of rings & prices.....knowing I wasn't buying any at these prices. They kept my wedding band to clean it. (there's more to this story ). Two days later on Valentine's Day morning I woke up to coffee and a dozen long stem roses....and a small box wrapped in gold. I really thought it was an anniversary ring. When I opened the box I was in shock....there was that beautifull ring he had picked out & had me try on so HE could see what it looked like & my wedding band. Though I wasn't speechless this time, all I could say was, "Oh my God, I can't believe you bought that ring! You really bought that ring!" Odd how well my singing card fit in that day too......playing one of "our songs" "You're still the one"
  8. by   pkmom
    hubby proposed jokingly before we even dated. he asked if I thought we could ever get married. I said no, that would be too weird. That bit of conversation was on the top of our wedding invitations!

    We were doing a skit for part of a formal fundraiser in college. In the skit he was supposed to hand me a dress to "try on," but instead, I turned around and he was on his knee with a ring in his hands. I had an idea it would be that night, he made sure all of our family made it to that show, but I certainly wasn't expecting it right then! about 180 people applauded. I had a hard time singing with the a cappella choir 5 minutes later because I was still out of breath!
  9. by   NurseDennie
    I met my husband at a party. He was in the airforce and I was 17. He had the impression that I was 18. He was pretty well three sheets to the wind, and I was with a couple of other guys. I had at cat at the party that I'd just bought, and he watched her for me when I went off. That was a Friday night.

    Saturday I had a date with a different guy.

    Sunday, I went to the base to a dance and he and I talked for a while - we went to a hall and sat down to talk. Whilst we talked, a girl in the airforce sat on the floor and put her head in his lap. I got all puffy about that, and told him I was no longer interested in the conversation and I left.

    Monday I was back there at the base, I don't remember exactly why. I saw him and he asked me to marry him. I told him "NO!" because the whole idea freaked me out so bad. But I kept on seeing him.

    We got married when I was 19. I wonder why nobody told me that was too young to get married? We've been married 30 years this next Christmas, and it's ranged from not bad to hideous. If it weren't for the lovely stories I've read here, I would be forced to the conclusion that we're not designed to live with just one other partner for our whole lives. I guess it's okay if you choose the right one in the first place?


  10. by   live4today
    My "current spouse" proposed to me when I was sitting on my bedroom floor one mid-morning changing my "then" infant grandsons poopy diaper. I was up to my elbows in infant feces, and he picked that time to be romantic! I gotta love him! :chuckle

    I stopped mid-diaper change, looked deep into my man's black eyes, got right up in his face, and said "Don't you ever mention that 'M' word to me again!" And, he didn't...until two months later when we were driving somewhere with me behind the wheel of the car. As I was driving, he said, "I know you don't want me to mention the 'M' word, but I am going to talk about it anyway. Of course, I quickly pulled off the road into a shopping plaza's parking lot, turned off the car, put my car seat as far back as I could get it, turned towards him and stared deeply into his black eyes...again. Only this time, I said, "Why do you want to get married again? We've both been down that path, so why again?" He said, "Because I love you that is why, and I don't just want you as a girlfriend, but I want you to be my life partner, my wife." I started up the car and drove home without speaking another word to him. He knew not to speak during the silent time, too.

    A few days passed, then at dinner one night, he told my three teenaged kids that he had proposed marriage to me -- not once -- but twice -- and I got mad about it both times. Since it was my oldest daughter who introduced him to me in the first place (he was her NCO in the Army at the time), she looked over at me and smiled, then said "Go for it, Mom. "X" is a nice guy!" I said, "If he's so nice, you marry him." They all laughed! :chuckle Then she said, "He's too old!" :chuckle

    So, after my man had gone home (we did not live together), my three daughters hounded me about getting married again. They knew I was still hung up on their father, so my oldest child said, "Mom, it's time for you to move on with your life. Dad is not coming back, and even if he wanted you, I wouldn't want you to go back to him after the way he hurt you. "X" is a really decent guy, you both are nurses, you've both been badly wounded in marriages before, and you get along so well. If the marriage works, it works, and if it doesn't - well, at least you moved on from Dad."

    Well, two out of three of my kids said, "Go for it, Mom". The middle child was still holding out hope for her daddy and I to get back together, but three years had passed, so I finally moved on. Mind you, I was engaged before my current husband, and broke off that engagement because I got "cold feet". Now, this hubby and I have been married 12 years. We're still BEST friends, he loves me more than life itself (he tells me that EVERY day), and I love him! Even though I prefer a different "TYPE" of man, he turned out to be a pretty terrific kind of guy. The End!
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  11. by   mario_ragucci
    Kimberly and I dated strong for my last year in the USMC. Spending time with her on leave was the greatest, I loved her, but when I got out, she wanted to be with me all the time. She asked me to marry her about 2 months after I got out, a textbook marriage for sure. I was kinda dumb not to say yes, she is fantastic, A#1 person. But I was could I? It hurt me more to say no that night, in her car, with the Gulf of Mexico in front of us (+ stars) and I moved away from the area shortly after that. I felt sad, having attracted someone to me, then not going all the way. I often regret not saying yes, because she would have been an excellent mother & I an excellent father. I was too young.
    Dorothy was a co-worker, who was in a terrible marriage, with no wherewithall to break from her messed up hubby. So I said she could live with me. We both worked for the same airline, back in the 90's, and I loved her as a friend, though we slept together. Our bonding was me wanting to help her because I loved her as a friend. She asked me to marry her repeatedly, but in my late 20's, I felt I was still too young, and I learned again not to allow someone to develop feelings for me unless I am going to go all the way. It hurt me that she wanted me to marry her; i thought she had enough from her previous husband. We are still friends, living in different states.
    Shawn asked me straight away, after knowing her 3 months. I said no, just because I only knew her three months. I backed off from her because I thought she was nuts to ask me so quick. 3 months later I started to develop feelings for her, and she was with someone else. I could have married her after knowing her six months. I lost.
    Sandra attracted me physically. Her dynamic personality matched mine. She also had 3 daughters from 3 different men, but I didn't care. She was for me. As soon as I started hinting at being more serious than just dating, she droppped me hard. I told her that I wanted to have kids with her if she wanted, which is like a proposal, and that is when she dropped me. It took me months to get over her.
    So there - I am still single - i have been asked, I have missed out, and I have been denied. I love reading all the success stories
    Maybe someday.
  12. by   live4today
    Famous quotes for couples to remember:








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  13. by   RNforLongTime
    I met my husband on June 5, 1998. I was at a local bar with my friend from work, her fiancee, and her sister and her boyfriend. We were listening to the band playing. I wandered up to the bar to get a drink and to see how the NBA championship between the Bulls and Jazz was going. Next thing I know some drunk guy starts chatting me up. What's a beautiful RN like you doing without a boyfriend? I dunno, just don't have one. The whole time I am looking at my friend and giving her one of those help me looks. She just sat there and laughed.

    Well, of course he asked me out. I actually gave him my REAL phone number. Next day, Saturday, he called and I agreed to go out with him that Friday, June 12, 1998. We dated for about a month before the subject of marriage came up. We went looking at rings on July 20, 1998. When I came home from work the next day, July 21, 1998, he was there. He went into my parents swimming pool while I dangled my feet into the pool. He says, What would your father say if I asked you to marry me? I said that I didn't think that my father would care one way or the other. Next thing I know he pulls a ring out of the pocket of his swim trunks (he's still in the pool) and asks me if I'll marry him. Of course I said yes. We were married on May 15, 1999.
  14. by   semstr
    I can't really remember the "asking", I don't think he did! Me neither.
    There was absolutely no question about it!
    After talking English with each other for 3 months, both believing to be either Americans or "something" like that, i found out he was a real Austrian and he found out I was a real Dutch girl.
    (My family was quite relieved, because the States are even further as Austria)

    Yeh well, as soon as we found that out, we started making weddingplans and were married, one year later. this is 17 years ago in June. And we are even happier now as on our first dates!!

    Take care and keep on loving, Renee