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  1. I did a bit of research yesterday. I am always getting letters from the RNAO (registered nurses assoc. of Ont) regarding additional malpractice insurance. I have never bitten the bug. I always knew I was covered for malpractice by the hospital I work at, but until yesterday, never fully knew the details. Firstly I'll explain the situation at my hospital, but I am wondering what it is like where you work, especially in the states. I want to know if you pay personally for malpractice coverage, if it is paid for you, and if you know how much.

    Where I work, a tietiary hospital, nurses are covered for malpractice up to 20 million dollars. All lawyer costs are covered as well. Physicans and interns are not covered. They have their own lawyers and insurance. The hospial also represents you in any court case, councels you, advises you. There has not been a case gone to court in over 10 years at our hosp. Most cases are settled out of court..and the monetary value is usually under 5 million dollars. Knowing this, I feel pretty secure in not paying out for added insurance. But how many other nurses know the full extent of coverage should they be hit with legal action?

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