Major rant

  1. Today was my second to last day on this placement, a placement I had been enjoying until today. Now I know I am as student and that involves scuttle work that no one else wants but today I was walking up and down the corridor pushing a patient up and down for about three hours, ( I am not exsagerating) I am so tired, and aching plus I missed all the clinical skills I wanted to do.

    I couldn't stop walking or this patient, I'll call Percy, for the sake of confidentialiy, got violent, he should never have been transferred to this ward, but shock horror suprise the previous ward LIED about his condition so we would take him. Percy isn't to walk due to a partially healed #. Some dumb physio gave him crutches! I know have some great red streaks, and forming bruises on my legs! Plus he shouldn't be walking, and the realtives are great understand that he has traumatic amnesia, and where helping but on the condition, that his night sedation was reduced, (I have no idea why) The stupid ( can't say more would violate the TOS) SHO cancelled all his meds except his analgesia.

    So anyway, the staff realise that I have been watching Percy too long, and offer to switch me with one of the NA's but then they get called away, and I find him walking around to the female half of the ward, and I get started having a go at by the SRN for leaving him unwatched, now this wonderful person is someone I can NOT get on the wrong side of if I want to pass this module, she wasn't too impressed that she needed to sign all my paperwork to begin with, But eventually, after doing errends all around the hospital, she aggrees to sign it off, on the provision I work tomorrow, Now I am three hours short, but I will be doing a 7-3

    So... eventaully Percy's relatives turn up, and take over leaving me five minutes till the end of shift to bed 6 patients, no one else had done them ( even though technically as I am supernumerary they weren't my patients), all the other staff too busy to help,(sat eating celebrations), and most of the patients are two or three people to transfer, I got two into bed with some difficulty, and then left, the night staff at this point were glarring daggers at the 'stuck up student' but I stayed 1/2 an hour over my shift, and they never came to help me, not looking forward to going back on tomorrow when they hand over about what a bad shift they had because of me!

    This rant isn't half of what happened on my shift, but I don't trust myself not to violate the TOS, I am really tempted to not go back tomorrow, and say I'll do the three hours on my next placement.

    In fact after this shift I don't think I ever want to go back on a ward again.

    Sorry for ranting I just needed to get this off of my chest.

    p.s I am now over half way through my training, and seriously considering doing something else, except even with days like today I still want to be a nurse, no matter how much I say otherwise,
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  3. by   jevans
    It sounds as if you have had a truely bad placement with little to no support from your qualified staff

    And {{{{{{{{{{{ hugs to you}}}}}}}}}}}}}} for your bad shift

    Now here what to do to prevent this situation from happening again for another student who will have to go there....... when you write up your evaluation of the placement write up the good points but ensure that you comment on all o the bad as well. Attempt to address why you think that it became bad and what you would do or suggest to prevent them from happpening again.

    When this is submitted to the school they will then see that you have made a good job of trying to be objective

    But can I assure you that not all wards are like that
  4. by   passing thru
    Good advice, Jevans. Most of us got "dumped on" and taken advantage of while we were students or orientees.
    Do your shift, get it out of the way with a big smile and lots of positive energy, and do what Jevans said. Good Luck.
  5. by   Whisper
    well my last shift on this placement is over!! i really enjoyed this placement, i just had mentor issues, and last night was a really bad night, today however i got to leave early, and was asked if i would consider going back to this ward as my last placment. (the only placement we get any say in)
    plus after:
    " i put up very patiently with this cranky old bat." <-- my mentors words, i got a apology for their behaviour last night, and got all my cap and hours signed off!!!!!!
    i really enjoyed working with the stroke rehab patients, not to sure about the neuro side though. maybe i would feel diferently if i had had more support with patients like percy though.

    last night, i felt really bad, and to be honest felt really bleak about nursing as a whole, but today it was back to buisness as usual, and i still think this is somehting i really want to do.

    ranting on here, really helped me get this out of my system. so thanks for listening/reading.

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  6. by   BadBird
    Hey Whisper read your first sentence, I am suprised the grammer police didn't catch it, LOL. Oh well, it cracked me up. Anyway, glad you survived your last S H I F T.
  7. by   Whisper
    Thanks BadBird, I went back and edited it, even with red text! I have no idea how I managed to miss that, or even stranger how it got past the mods/'grammar police'

    All I can say is oops!