major customer non-service rant/vent


    Sorry about that.

    For those of you in Canada, have any of you tried calling the Royal Bank lately? Oh my ($)*&. After going through the phone bank jungle, you get excited to hear a phone ringing and you know you're going to get a human voice. Only.... it's not from this continent. I found this out the last time I had to go through this and I was sure that by now things would have improved. Oh no... worse.

    I called the local number for the bank that is just two miles away from me. I knew it went through a central service though. Ok, that I can handle if it's competent. A"gentleman" answered, obvious that English is not his native tongue but he identifies himself as being as from the branch I am calling. Now, I happen to know all the faces of the people who work at that bank branch and there are no Indian gentlemen who work there. Not one. Not for as long as I have banked with them. Anyway, I let it go and say I'd like to speak to the person I'm calling for. Unfortunately, I don't know her last name, I've always just referred to her as Miriam and that's how she identifies herself when she calls me. He says he needs a last name. I say, give me the receptionist and she'll help. He can't do that. What is the nature of my business. I say that my business is between Miriam and me and I want to speak to her. This went on for *10* minutes and I was getting angrier and angrier.

    He finally put me on hold and found a directory for the branch that he is supposedly at and found the Miriam I wanted. He said he would dial it for me and would I want to leave a message if I got her voice mail. I said "no, I would rather have the direct phone number to my branch two miles away and her local so I can call myself." He says, " I cannot give it to you." I get angrier. "If I get in my car in this minus 31 degree with windchill factored in, drive over there and pick up a freaking business card, I will get her number that way." "ma'am," he says, "I cannot give it to you. Hold on, I will find out if I can."

    He puts me back on hold. He comes back. "no, I cannot give it to you, but I will dial it for you and you can leave a message on her voicemail."

    Oh. My. God. And "they" wonder why people are more stressed these days????

    Ok, I should calm down. I haven't slept since yesterday afternoon. This is so not good for me. Sigh. Deep breath. Relax.......
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  3. by   bethin
    Ooh, that stuff irritates me to no end. One time I called about my old laptop because my hard drive had crashed and it was still under warranty. I always talked to foreign men who kept trying to tell me to try this and do this. I kept telling them I can't do anything if my hard drive crashed! And, to top it off, they kept telling me my warranty had expired when I had the documents in my hand (I had a month left). I even faxed them the proper documents. Finally, frustrated I just took it in to get fixed. The sweet computer guy called the company and the guy said they would pay for it in full. The comp. guy told me that this company routinely refuses to pay when a female customer calls, that he has to call himself. I wish I would have kept records of names because they would have landed with a lawsuit for discrimination! And this is a very well known computer company.

    I swear, it's like talking to a 2 year old kid. No, no and no is their vocabulary.

    Ok, I'm done ranting.
  4. by   bethin
    You should have gotten his name and then told him you'd be at the bank in 5 mins and he better be there.

    He probably would have 'fessed up then.
  5. by   clemmm78
    Quote from bethin
    You should have gotten his name and then told him you'd be at the bank in 5 mins and he better be there.

    He probably would have 'fessed up then.
    lol, I asked him what the weather was like. Total silence on his end.
  6. by   pickledpepperRN
    When my cable company changed I couldn't get the e-mail change to work. Finally after MANY calls a man who admitted he was in Canada was able to walk me through the process.
    Then both TV and computer didn't work. After being on hold more than an hour the person accidentally disconnected me. The next person maid an appointment for service. This company advertises their wonderful free service. DH stayed home all day until I woke up from my night shift. They never showed up.
    Finally after another loooong time on hold a man advices me, "Go out on the street and flag down one of our trucks. This is happening all over Los Angeles. We have so many many trucks."
    I asked him where he was and he told me Bangalor!

    I went out my door to see a truck across the street. The serviceman was glad to fix the cable connection under the house.
    How did that guy halfway around the world know?
    And he gave a discount on the bill because of the "no show"!
  7. by   JaxiaKiley
    I don't really care where people are as long as I can understand them! But I don't understand why someone'd want to lie about where they are based.