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    Toothy Evidence Convicts Miami's 'Bumbling Robber'
    Thu Feb 6, 9:15 AM ET

    MIAMI (Reuters) - A man the FBI (news - web sites) dubbed the "bumbling bank robber" was convicted after investigators matched his DNA to the gold teeth knocked out when a van hit the fleeing suspect, prosecutors said Wednesday.

    Charles Edward Jones was convicted of bank robbery on Tuesday in U.S. District Court and faces up to life imprisonment, U.S. Attorney Marcos Jimenez said.

    On Sept. 30, 2002, Jones walked into a Wachovia Bank in Miami, pulled a gun from his pocket and robbed a teller of about $16,000, according to trial evidence.

    As he ran out of the bank, he stuffed the gun into his waistband, accidentally firing it into his pants. The bullet missed him but when he stepped into the street he was hit by a van delivering school lunches in the area, investigators said.

    Jones managed to stumble to a waiting car, leaving two gold teeth, his gun and hat lying in the street, prosecutors said. The FBI later matched DNA from the teeth with Jones' DNA, proving he had been in the bank.

    Jones was arrested a few days after the robbery at a Miami hotel, where agents found a sock full of money from the robbery stuffed into his trousers. The serial numbers from the recovered money matched the bills taken from the bank, Jimenez said.
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    I'll place my bet on blind date #29.
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    yeah..i thought it was around #29..but couldn't pinpoint it exactly...
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    I thought it was #34, but they all start to run together after awhile now don't they?

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    Y'all are brutal today!! Rite on the top of your games! Lol
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    That would be blind date #27 while I was attending a conference in Florida in 1999. :chuckle :roll
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    wow, so you kinda know someone famous....

    you could be on the next inside edition , or american justice or investigative reports or or or montel williams

    possibilities are ENDLESS!

    surrounding yourself with crazy can sometimes pan out...
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    Originally posted by hapeewendy
    ...surrounding yourself with crazy can sometimes pan out...
    That sounds like a good phrase for an ad campaign...

    "Surround Yourself with Crazy"

    :chuckle :roll
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    NO NO NO! Don't you people pay attention?