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  1. I have to write a term paper regarding something that I have experienced in my life. It can be anything or a disease. I wanted to write it on my dad with lung cancer.

    I have looked under American Lung Association, WEB MD, and nurse magazine to find some kind of information on this. The paper has to be informative but yet compare this information to my dad. For example, He lost weight and I have to find out information regarding this. Can anybody tell any more web sites or any other information that I might be able to use on my paper? He assigned this yesterday and it is due 3-31-03.

    I know there are three stages to the cancer, statitics of how many people diagnosed with it, and the different types of treatments. Can anybody else help me think of what might be covered? it has to be 3200 words.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    GOOGLE SEARCH: caring for lung cancer patients + nursing