1. I would like to hear about how your wife or husband or mate completes you life, why you are with this person, how he or she adds value to your life. I am in the process of making my list: what I have come up with so far is as follows:
    1. He makes me laugh.
    2. He stands up for me.
    3. He challenges my thinking.
    4. He has shown me what true love is like (by actions and words).
    5. He loves me unconditionally.
    6. He has shown me what true integrity is like.

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  3. by   Antikigirl
    This is with not only my wonderful husband, but my kids and my dad (who lives with us).

    1. They support me though everything...even when I am going nuts or am depressed and I can always count on them to do such!
    2. The love they feel for me is in the air...I feel it even when I am not at home! They send me txt messages each and every day while I am at work saying they love me, and they won't let me out the door without a hug!
    3. I may not be able to depend on much outside my doors, but inside...I can depend on each and every one of them for life!
    4. They are what hold me up...from my sons little hands, to my hubbys large strong ones...they wish to..and they do each and every day..and I never asked!
    5. They see my pain when I have a bad day at work, and wipe my tears with laughter and empathy! Somedays I think they are better the better nurse than me with the love and compassion they show me!
    6. They MAKE me go to the doctor..LOL!
    7. They lend me the computer, even when they want on, so I can come here and vent/discuss/inform..which helps me a great deal. They know since I started coming here I am able to handle the stressors better because I see that I am not the only one with issues!
    8. They keep eyes out for new jobs for me, so I can find my niche again!
    9. They let me sleep when I am tired, and try their hardest to keep it quiet in the house!
    and 10. When my hubby had an MI October 2003, he was more concerned with me than himself...he thought of me being alone, he thought of me being afraid, he thought of me being in the grey between nurse and wife and was sympathetic that I needed to help, but could only do so much because of that grey...he kept me involved, he kept me close, he told the docs to go to he** if they tried to kick me out of the room...he knew my persective, and made sure I was okay...then he thanked me for saving his life! Now that my friends..that is love!
  4. by   nurturing_angel
    My husband:

    1) Makes me laugh
    2) Supports me unconditionally
    3) Accepts me as I am...warts and all!
    4) Takes good care of me
    5) Makes life so much easier for me just by being here
    6) Tells me he loves me everyday
    7) Brings me flowers often...just because he knows I love them.

    My life is much richer with my husband. Not perfect but much better than my single days. I am happy!

  5. by   HarryPotter
    Triage: Wow. How enriched you are for the love you have in your heart for your family and for their love for you. Truly inspiring. Thanks.
  6. by   Antikigirl
    Thank you very much! OMG it is so wonderful to see that someone other than me feels this way! Hey, I am just me...but very family oriented, and to see someone like you that made up an AWESOME post like this say I am worthy of a reply....truely I thank you!

    I didn't see all these things I mentioned till that faithful day in October...well I saw them but got a whole new respect for it all. I watched my husband die, a paramedic for our county for over 13 years..he is strong..he is more of a medic than me and will always be that way...and I watched him die if not for two minutes (those two minutes were a lifetime to me!). You get new perspective...and since I now believe more in fate (since that day)...I guess it was what was needed so I could continue. I didn't save him as much as he saved me..and taught me what life is really about...which life is your family!

    I try so hard to remember that when I work with patients families... and I think that opens doors I never knew were there before. It took a trauma of large proportions to remind me of what life is about...and I try to share it...

    Your answers were awesome too...I can feel it! Same with Nurturing Angel....that is why I think this is an wonderful and very needed post!!!!!!!

    Huggles to you!
  7. by   HarryPotter
    I am so glad that this subject has meant so much to you. As I said, yours have meant so much to me. My husband is sometimes very ill with a chronic lung disease. I hope I don't have to learn about love the way that you did. Your insights will bring me much...I am afraid that I look so much at all the "faults", rather than all the things he give me. Like:
    I can always depend on him.
    He is always on my side, right by my side, through thick and thin.
    when he was going throgh an emotional crisis, he always thought of me in all the little ways that count.
    No matter what is going on "on the outside" he always lifts me up, tells me how grateful he is to have me in his life, and always finds time to tell me "I love you", no matter what he is going through.
    He is very generous and forgiving, no matter what his circumstances are and so is an inspiration to me.
    He thinks of others first.
    He always asks how my day went and listens.
    He gives me inspiring suggestions and feedback when I am going through my stuff.
    When I am being hurtful, he lets me know, and tells me how much he loves me.
    His courage is inspiring.
    He never lets anything stop him, no matter what the circumstance is, and so is a role model for me.
    He doesnt let me get away with my sh**. I can't walk all over him, which is the kind of man I need so I don't keep going down a self-defeating path.
    He has patience.

    Thank you for sharing. It opened up a lot of things for me.

  8. by   teeituptom
    My wife is always buying jewelry, but she lets me get all the golf stuff I want and play as much as I want

    And she is still so good in the sack also
  9. by   Debbie_LPN
    LOL teeituptom!!! My hubby always went out of his way to please me(i.e.: you want me to get u a drink, you want a pillow, ect..) and most importantly: if I wanted to play the playstation, he let me!!!!(we're getting a divorce)
  10. by   teeituptom
    Quote from Debbie_LPN
    LOL teeituptom!!! My hubby always went out of his way to please me(i.e.: you want me to get u a drink, you want a pillow, ect..) and most importantly: if I wanted to play the playstation, he let me!!!!(we're getting a divorce)

    Im married 30 years with 7 kids and 13 grandkids
  11. by   CardioTrans
    What a great thread:

    1. He never stops smiling.
    2. He sings to me every morning....never mind the fact he cant carry a tune in a bucket :chuckle
    3. He is my rock when things are not going well.
    4. He encourages me in everything that I do.
    5. He never gives up
    6. He tells me he loves me every morning before we leave for work, and every night before we go to sleep, and many times in between.
  12. by   HarryPotter
    he actually cried when he read who I wrote about him. When I asked him why, he said that he knows how much I love him and knows I know how much he loves me.
  13. by   1BlessedRN
    Quote from HarryPotter
    he actually cried when he read who I wrote about him. When I asked him why, he said that he knows how much I love him and knows I know how much he loves me.
    Whoopee!!! for you girl you may need this one CLONED My poor hubby is good in all areas as for as paying bills and helping with the kids but when it comes to mental/emotional support for the wife its another ball I can say I love him but I'm not in love with him which is may sound crazy but its true... great thread I needed to vent.....
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  14. by   TennNurse
    When I left a truly nasty ex-husband last July, I was difficult to convince when it came to singing the praises of men. But by the grace of God, I'm now with a man who

    1) Tells me he loves me repeatedly, not just in words but in actions
    2) Goes to church with me
    3) Makes me laugh
    4) Is good to my dogs, carries the horse feed buckets, and chops ice in their trough in sub-freezing weather
    5) Would rather talk to me than watch TV any day.
    6) Is always, even if I'm wrong, on my side
    7) Is blind to any extra ounce on my hips, except to praise it
    8) Rubs my back, rubs my feet, IRONS MY SCRUBS
    9) Will get up at 0800 on a Saturday morning and drive to Sonic for a cheeseburger to combat my PMS
    10) Takes my breath away every time I look at him
    11) Just walked in the door with supper... got to go!