1. how many people out there play the lotto? just curious.....i say i'm going to buy a ticket every week......yet i don't. today it's at 54,000,000 and gonna try to today. hmmmmmmm......leads to another question? if you won.........what would you do?
    btw.......i haven't figured out the poll thingy yet? lol
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  3. by   night owl
    hey there ricky, have you figured out the tide thingy yet??? lotteries well if i could figure out how to pick all the right numbers, i'd be playin em alot more often! unfortunatley, i haven't. the most i ever won was $40.00 on those scratch off ones and what did i do with all my winnings??? i filled my gas tank, and took the kids to the movies. now if i could win about $54 mil, i wouldn't be on this computer dreaming about winning $54 million dollars. of course i'd invest, buy my dream house and my dodge viper, send the kids to college, probably work part time just to wake me up and bring me back to reality one day a week. then again, if someone told me i won all that loot, i'd probably have a heart attack, die and wouldn't see any of it! just my luck...
  4. by   night owl
    I guess the dark blue ran out of ink. Time to go to Office Max or Staples! Only kidding. I messed up... Again! Have a nice day everybody!
  5. by   imaRN
    I play the Lottery at work when it gets big, (never have walked in and bought my own) This week we have all tossed in a buck and plan on WINNING! Our Surgical ICU director doc said "We can all go on a cruise together!" Well now that IS something to think about, what a Motley Crew we would be. Gives us something to Think and Laugh about.
    Seriously now if I won: I would build a big wing on our hospital and name if after........Me! It would have a huge water fall, pool,gym,recreation rooms,cafe, party rooms, trainers and would be free to all union members (all unions of the hosp)
    Then I would give my family $, and my close friends $, I would donate money to our local schools to improve them(not in my name) and give $ to my church to start many good programs to help educated and train people.
    Then for me I would buy several ocean front homes one on each coast, So my friends could always come and stay with me and my son anytime they wanted! I had better start picking out a Contractor...........imaRN
  6. by   CEN35
    wow ima! you have a real nice plan there!!!!!!
    i have to admit........i thought this post would get a few more replies?
  7. by   AppyHorseFan
    If I won the lottery, first thing I would do is pay back my parents for all the money they've loaned my while I have been attending school. Then I'd pay off my student loans, and not have to borrow any more to continue my education. Buy me a new Ford Expedition with leather interior. Give my parents some $$, give my brother and his wife some $$. Buy some land and build my dream home with horse stables, arena, the works. Then I would begin a hippotherapy (equine/horse) therapy facility. Somebody pinch me and wake me up from my dream now.

    Student Nurse/RN in 2003
  8. by   CEN35
    sounds good appy...........i am glad someone gets along with there parents.......much less has any
  9. by   tiger
    i've only played the lottery a couple of times but i've been on my fair share of machines here in vegas that can pay off big. if i ever won big i would move to a nice house in the country with lots of land and would make homes for unwanted/abused animals. i wouldn't work. i'd take care of my adopted kids and animals and enjoy life. j
  10. by   CEN35
    kind of an intresting respponse they say each to his/her own
  11. by   kaycee
    I rarely play the lottery myself but we do at work. Especially the big jackpots. We always figure we would buy the hospital and run it the way we want.
    Other than that I would use my riches to make sure my kids got a good college education, make good investments for my retirement, make sure everyone in my family was ok, and buy a big house at the beach where my husband's and my family could all spend some time.(not all at one time though)
    Seeing that the most I've ever won playing the lottery was $13.50 I guess I better keep working. Oh well you can dream!!
  12. by   aimeee
    I am probably a real oddball, but not only do I not play the lottery, but I think I would be afraid to win it. I think I would have a terrible time deciding how much of my good fortune to keep for myself and how much should I give away. How much should go to needy relatives? Which are the most deserving causes?

    And there's something about the lottery I don't get. Why is it that so many people will flock to buy lottery tickets when the jackpot is enormous, but they won't buy one normally? I mean, its worth the risk against astronomical odds for 50 million but not for a measly 1 or 2 million? Its never made sense to me. But then, like I said, I guess I'm an oddball.
  13. by   CEN35
    nothing wrong with being an oddball aimee.......i guess i just use the high an excuse to buy a ticket? which is like once a year.......
  14. by   CashewLPN
    eh em...
    If I had a million dollars...
    I'd buy you a house...
    If I had a million dollars...
    I'd buy you furniture for your house.... (maybe a nice chesterfield or an ottoman)
    I'f l had a million dollars...
    I'd buy you a k-car.... a nice reliant automobile...
    IfI had a million dollars,
    I'd build a treefort in our yard...
    You could help... it wouldnt be that hard...
    We could put a little fridge in there... here... have a fruit roll up..
    (I hope ya'll know where this is going...)