LOTR II **SPOILERS** Don't come in here if you haven't seen yet...

  1. My dearest Tolkien experts... (Chuck!!)

    I've just come from seeing Lord of the Rings II (Two Towers) and I have questions... and some comments....

    First, I would have appreciated it if someone would have told me to bring tissue. I think I cried during most of the movie. The part that got me the most was when the elves showed up at the last minute. I think I let out an audible sob and it was just sooo spectacular seeing them come up that bridge holding those bows. I had just finished composing myself from sobbing over the little boys having to suit up for war when that happened.

    Second, I would have appreciated it if someone told me to take some Tylenol to premedicate myself for all the suspense!! MY GOD!!! It was almost torture!

    Third, I want Legolas. Bad. But, we knew this already.

    Okay, here are my questions....

    1. Could some kind person please explain the whole Gandalf the Gray to Gandalf the White thing? I'm most confused over that.

    2. Forgive me for not remembering his name, but the slimy guy who was with King Theoden when he was under the spell - when he shed a tear standing on the tower with Sarumon (again, forgive me if I'm bad with the names) when he saw the 10,000+ army, was the tear shed from joy from seeing the huge mutant army, or was the tear shed because he realized, oh shyt, this is really the end, what have I gotten myself into?

    3. Do any of the books go into who or what Gollum really was before he found the Ring?

    4. Is the last movie really the last? I'm figuring (hoping) we will see Aragorn take his place as king.

    I loved the movie. It's truly amazing and I found myself becoming endeared to Gollum, believe it or not. I actually liked him. The king of the elves, Elrond - he rocks. What a cool Dad he is.
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  3. by   Robin61970
    Vegas....of all things...I was in the bathroom when the elves showed up.....I guess I will have to go and see it again......
  4. by   Dplear
    1. Gandolff the gray died in the battle with the dragon thing in the first movie and was reborn as gandolff the white since he slew his opponet in the same battle (after all he is a wizard) He was reborn as Gandolff the White (remeber he said I remember they called me gandolff the gray when he was in the woods) The white wizard is the most powerful level of the wizards.

    2 The guy shed a tear of joy because he is evil. The end battle is to take place soon so he is happy.

    3. Gollum was a hobbit originally when he found the ring. He kept the ring on too long and it caused him to live thousands of years longer than he should have and he stayed ion the cave where he found it and slowly mutated over the centeries to the creature he is now.

    4. They filmmed all 3 of the movies at the same time. There will be one more movie released next year. They filmmed all 3 at the same time for continutiy and so that the actors would not age during the filmming, thuis making sure it looked like one long movie. They filmmed over 19 months in New Zealand.

  5. by   LasVegasRN
    Thanks, Dave!!

    Yes, I knew about the filming schedule, but I'm wondering if the battle of Middle Earth is really the end. I'm figuring the last movie covers this and wonder if that is the end of LOTR in book form also. It leaves questions!
    Will Aragorn take his place as king? Will Arwen come back for him?
    Will we ever get to see a female dwarf? :chuckle
    Do we get to see Gandalf beat Saruman's ass really good once and for all?

    Robin!! I can't believe you missed that part!! It was... well... I needed a tissue (again), it was just amazing. Just when you thought all hope was lost, here come the elves in all their splendor!
  6. by   NICU_Nurse
    I'm no expert on Tolkien, but my husband is, and he was actually disappointed with the film! We saw it last night, and I thought it was spectacular (although the bits with the Ents- and I can't spell any of this crap, sorry!- seemed to draaaaaag on at times; and yes, I realize this is because they are thousands of years old, but still...). He had problems with the storyline, though I'd have to ask him again before quoting him because he ranted for an hour after we saw the movie and I was forced to tune him out! I know he mentioned that in the book, Frodo and Sam never went to the city with Faramir- he said there was no reason for this in the movie. Originally, Faramir was more noble than his brother, and knew that his brother had 'weaknesses' that he himself had not (i.e., wanting the ring and absolute power for himself). In the movie, they make him seem greedy for the ring, just as his brother was, and Doug said this wasn't true to the character at all. We both thought that at times, the CGI could use some improvement and honestly, I liked the first movie MORE because of the lack of CGI- I am not a fan of Star Wars-type "Let's film the whole thing on a bluescreen and add the rest in later" kind of movies. Ultimately, Legolas proved terrific to watch, and Gollum was my favorite, if only for the duality of his role (I thought they did an excellent job with his schizophrenic-type personality, though people in the theater were laughing a bit too much and the woman behind me laughed like a horse, which was forcing me to think about coughing and accidentally spilling my Coke up and backwards into the air, rather than focus on the movie...but all that aside.) I don't know. I'm no movie critic. I'm just glad I didn't read the books, because my mind wasn't tainted by the 'original' ideas. ;>)
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  7. by   LasVegasRN
    The Ents - you mean the walking trees? I was wondering how they were going to kick ass. I thought, fire and an axe and they are done. But they kicked ass! That was cool!
  8. by   NICU_Nurse
    Veg, from what I have read, at least in the book, Arwen and Aragorn are reunite and, in the appendices, have children and both eventually die. I have heard that death scenes have already been filmed for the third movie, but who knows if they will be used? I particularly didn't care for Eowyn, who struck me as a big glory-whore and I felt they spent too much time zoomed in on her face as she looked lustily at Aragorn. I was feeling territorial (you know: Back off, Bi*ch- that sort of thing!). The last movie is coming out next year at this time. However, it seems that with the liberties Peter Jackson has taken with the books, it's up in the air as to what's going to happen.
  9. by   LasVegasRN
    Okay, I just spent WAY too much time over on a LOTR forum. Funny, as soon as you log in, they say, "FOR THOSE WHO FEEL THEY MUST RANT ON ABOUT HOW 'HOT' LEGOLAS IS, THERE IS A FORUM JUST FOR YOU". I am not alone in my elf lusting. :chuckle

    While spending time on the site getting more familiar with the characters, the weapons, and the map of Middle Earth, the whole plot of LOTR III was revealed. The weird thing is, I remember the ending. I read the books wayyyyy back in junior high school but didn't remember much of anything, but I remembered the ending and that's all! I just didn't know that was the end.

    Yes, seems the Tolkien readers were most upset with Faramir's character and Haldir (the elf who lead the elf army into Helm's Deep). Yet, no one can dispute that the film is nothing short of amazing. They are going to have to make an Oscar category for "Best Non-Human Computer Generated Character" for Gollum.

    And, Kristi, I was totally with you on Eowyn. She was starting to piss me off lusting after Arwen's man like that. I think I picked up my purse at one point.

    Can't believe we have to wait another YEAR for the last movie to come out.
  10. by   karenG
    first- we dont know if gollum was a hobbit- the books never say.

    the evil guy is wormtongue, and not telling if strider becomes king- read the book vegas!

    eowyn is a good lady- she gets a man but thats all I'm saying!

    only a year to wait until we can see the 3rd film

  11. by   oramar
    I thought the Elves were soooo impressive when they snapped to attention. Can you imagine those actors practicing and practicing to be able to do that. They probably did quite a few takes to get the one that really was perfect. Got to go back again, thought I would do it this weekend but to busy.
  12. by   oramar
    What do you guys think of Hugo Weaving? You know Arwen's daddy. Really impressive actor, lot of excellent performances. First thing I ever saw him in was Proof with Russell Crowe. Russ is just a kid in it. Was a Aussie film I think and a critics favorite. Hugo has an amazing face, he can be ugly or beautiful depending on what the character requires.
  13. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by karenG
    first- we dont know if gollum was a hobbit- the books never say.

    the evil guy is wormtongue, and not telling if strider becomes king- read the book vegas!

    eowyn is a good lady- she gets a man but thats all I'm saying!

    only a year to wait until we can see the 3rd film

    I know I should read the book, but I can't. I cheated and read all the spoilers on the www.lordotrings.com site.
    I will freely admit, I am one who gets completely wrapped up in films. The drama kills me, I get upset, I cry, I want to beat ass, my behavior is just shameful. I come out emotionally exhausted and wiped out.
    Now, with the third movie, I can do all these things but feel better knowing what's supposed to happen, and enjoy the film without having to take something for my blood pressure. :chuckle
  14. by   cbs3143
    Hi Vegas,

    I haven't seen the movie yet, but don't care if I read anything that gives away parts of the "plot". Since so much was altered from the book in the first movie, I expected that there would be little of the original story left unscathed in the second movie.

    First, Gollum, or Smeagol as he was known before he went to live under the Misty Mountains. He was from a group of hobbit-like creatures who lived along the River Anduin. He was not a hobbit though. Smeagol did not actually find the ring as stated in the movie. Another named Deagol found it and Smeagol murdered him to possess it himself. Gollum had the ring for about 480 years before Bilbo found it.

    Second, I'm sure that it looks terrific in the movie, but the only elf present at the battle of Helm's Deep was Legolas. The elves of both Rivendell and Lorien had their hands full at their own front doors. The ents herded the "Hurons" to the vale before Helm's Deep, and they obliterated the orc army. The elves were never there. Sorry.

    Gandalf is a Maia. He and the other wizards were sent to Middle Earth to try to guide the elves, men, and dwarves in their battles against Sauron and his forces. He was not allowed to reveal his true self to anyone, or to use force to make the elves, men, or dwarves do as he wished. He was the only wizard to stay true to his mission. He could not be killed in the conventional manner that the other creatures of Middle Earth could. After battling the balrog (who by the way was also a Maia) he passed into a higher version of himself. I don't know how, but he did. He became what Saruman should have been.

    Grima "Wormtongue" was Saruman's spy who functioned as King Theoden's adviser. He was one of the lowest characters in the book. I don't know why he shed a tear in the movie. He also probably had divided loyalties. He hated Saruman more than anyone else, but was bound to him. If Saruman fell, so would Wormtongue, but he may not have totally evil and grieved for the Riders of Rohan. It's hard to say for sure.

    It sounds disappointing that Faramir's character is cheapened in the movie. He is one of the noblest characters in the books. Again, the plot has been altered for theatrical effect. I'm like your husband Kristi in that I'm more of a purist with regard to Professor Tolkien's masterpiece. I appreciate the effort to make the movies, I just wish that Peter Jackson didn't rewrite so much of the story to make it.


    The third movie is the final one.
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