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  1. Anyone here trying to lose weight? I am finding it so hard to lose weight working night shift as an ER nurse. I just keep gaining weight, at this point I need to lose at least 25 pounds to get my BMI in range. I'm doing 12 hour night shifts, usually 3 in a row. I would welcome suggestions/advice from those still struggling or those that have had success. Most of the advice I've gotten from other sites on the web are geared to 8hr day monday through friday people who have plenty of time to exercise every night.
    thanks in advance for any info.
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  3. by   Dave123
    I know this is going to suck hearing this, but the ONLY thing that truly works in losing weight is: (assuming of course you don't have a medical problem)

    Diet & Exercise

    Because I was in the military for many years I have seen all different types of diets tried, because if a soldier does not maintain their weight they are kicked out.

    I know its hard but when you (and me too) decide to make a life style change the weight will come off.

    Just my opinion

  4. by   jayna
    ..am in the orient..the people here are skinny(slim) eventhough they eat more pork chicken pork chicken beef pork chicken dog beef duck beef dog duck pidgeon snake duck snake duck eel frog duck..you name it ..fatty foods, but still maintain their body weight. You know why after eating fatty foods they must drink tea(their tea).. one tea i suggest is viet nams tea, this is strong so take care when drinking ..it's good one to help you keep awake..one is mardy's dieters tea......this one's great but it gives cramp in the abdomen.....i use thier tea and maintaing my body weight...it the mardy's dieter's tea helps to loss weight..and it works for some ...you don't have to be on diet....
    ...well i don't eat frogs, eels , snake, dog...noooooooooooo....yuck!!
  5. by   ianurse
    Perhaps I should move where you are. If they are eating dog-I would be skinny in a few days. I love dogs, but I wouldn't want to eat one!!!
  6. by   nurs4kids
    hell, I just suggest you drink good 'ole suthern iced sweet tea. You ain't gonna loose no weight frum it, but dahhhhhhm it's good!!

    THEY REALLY EAT DOGS????? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW well, most anything goes good with sweet tea..I guess I could adjust. "damnnnnnnnnn, Rover shure is tough tonight!!!" ROFLMAO <GAG>
  7. by   jayna
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    nurse4kids...you make me howl........
    well ,send those stray dogs here....will devour them.yummy...hahahaha..yeah they eat dogs...

    last week i went to the province for a visit and had lunch in one of the beautiful restaurant...and they brought dog meat..some wild animal meat...(lunch hosted by the hospital committee)..the wild animal must be an endangered species...god i just don't feel like eating....
    ianurse..i prescribe tea for you and not iced tea as nurse4kids mention..hahahahahaha...
  8. by   radnurse2001
    nurs4kids-I used to live in South Carolina and really miss sweet tea. Do you have a recipe>? Mine always comes out either too sweet or not sweet enough.
  9. by   Bozo180
    Ianurse: I would have to agree with Dave. As a military nurse I often have to counsel soldiers on their weight (both putting in on and taking in off).

    Assuming there are no medical issues, diet control and an appropriate aerobic exercise program are the way to go. Stay off the powdered drinks which are "fashionable" but rarely work. As a tip, avoid finger foods like chips and chocolate......hard on night duty I know but your body will thank you. If you are going to snack-out, try boiled lollies instead of chocolate (high in suger but low in fat therefore metabolised faster), try rice crackers instead of potato chips (most brands get a big tick from the Heart Foundation) and give fruit a go. By far the best way is to avoid snacks and get your body into a meal routine....once again, hard on night duty but possible.

    An aerobic exercise program is a necessity. Brisk walking, jogging, dancing, swimming, cycling etc all decrease fat whilst toning (not building) muscle.

    Lastly, don't forget that BMI doesn't discriminate between body shapes. I know quite a few soldiers (both male and female) whose BMI is in the high 20's but on a body fat test they are under 10%. Some people are just big.

    Jayna: Bow-Wow (aka dog) meat stinks and tastes strong (very similar to kangaroo) but, when prepared properly, is low in fat. Along with rice and coffee it is the staple diet of most Timorese / Indonesian villages I've worked in. I can eat it as long as I don't see them prepare it.

  10. by   Nursz-R-Awsm

    I'll give you mine also.

    I use a 1 gallon size Rubbermaid pitcher. I boil water in the tea pot on stove and while tea bags sit in water after the boiling...I put my sugar in then. I have used anywhere from 1/2c, 3/4 to a whole cup (which is pretty sweet IMO).

    I miss Sunspree raspberry tea (store no longer carries it)! I used less sugar in it and it was wonderful!
  11. by   Slowone
    When i have worked nights shifts in the past, I too began to put on the pounds. I just wasn't moving as much as I would on the day or evening shift. (of course there were exceptions to that!)
    A friend and I started walking the stairs during our break. Up and down we would go, 30 minutes at a good pace. it was actually pretty fun! We would almost always come back re-energized and with a second wind.
    The snacks had to go! No more microwave popcorn! Water bottle kept full as well. We certainly didn't lose the pounds immediatley but we did lose and most importantly didn't gain !
    Just a suggestion, hope it helped.
  12. by   jayna
    ...after eating Rover or Skipper did your tummy go woof woof woof?????........
    Today , during lunch saw BBQ caterpillar pupa.......yuck!!!
  13. by   ERNurse752
    I started doing Weight Watchers a couple months ago...so far I've lost 12 pounds (maybe more...I go to weigh in tonight)
    It's a good program...it's basically just watching what you eat, and making sure you get enough water, milk, fruits, vegetables etc. You can buy their food, but you definitely don't have to. It's geared to be something you can live with for the rest of your life, not just something to lose weight and then go back to your bad habits. You can look for meetings in your area by going to www.weighwatchers.com
    I gained a lot of weight in nursing school since I didn't have time to work out like I did in high school, combined with eating like crap! I've just started working out again.
    I'm finishing up my day orientation in the ER and going to night shift this Monday. I know they eat all night long, and I've heard all their horror stories about how they gained X lbs when they went to nights, and I vow that it won't happen to me! Probably what I'll do with working out is working out the morning after I get off if I'm not back in that night, and working out on my days off. I have more time though, b/c I'm not married and I don't have children. You could look into getting some exercise tapes, a treadmill or something at home. And you can walk anywhere, like outdoors or the mall. A lot of exercises can be done on the living room floor...crunches, push ups, squats etc.
    Hope some of this helps!
  14. by   Katnip
    I used to work night shifts in a different sort of job. But the weight gain was the same. EVERYBODY gained on that shift. (Had nothing to do with snack machine junk or anything).

    Really, the best thing is to watch what you eat. I know it's a popular activitiy to stay awake. Weight Watchers does help and you can do it all online if you can't attend meetings.