Lord of the Rings

  1. Okay, so the Star Trek geeks have a thread going, how about some Tolkien geeks give a shout.
    I'm so stoked for The Two Towers! I have tickets to see it Wed at 8 pm with a bunch of my friends. It looks so awesome in the trailers.
    Of course, I'm huge fan of the books. I've read them a couple of times and the Sil twice. I have some of the History of Middle Earth books also. I'm going to delve into those during winter break.

    Anyway, just wanted to know if LOTR has been night shift reading for anybody.

    No bashing of fantasy please.
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  3. by   LasVegasRN
    Are you kidding? No bashing here! We have a big following here of LOTR. Why I am an avid follower of elves. One in particular. Okay, so I'm rather shallow and am quite taken by the character Legolas.

    I will be seeing Star Trek AND LOTR this coming Saturday.
  4. by   Robin61970
    Can't wait to see it!! MAy not have the cash til after Christmas though.....unless Hubby gets a Xmas bonus...we'll see......It looks awesome though! The kids are getting a PS2 and the LOTR's game...can't wait to play it....
  5. by   Beach_RN
    I LOVE LORD OF THE RINGS!!! Can't wait to see the 2 Towers,,, and we got my son the 2 Towers for PS2 for xmas.....can't wait to play it!

    We have decided we are going to the movies... xmas day that evening to see it!
  6. by   cbs3143
    Hi Bonnie Blue,

    There are definitely some Tolkien geeks on this bulletin board. And Vegas, it's fine that you are quite taken by the character Legolas. He is probably the best known elf throughout the ages, because we get to know him personally. Most of the other elves are part legend, and we don't get the same feel as with Legolas, "the elf next door"

    I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to Tolkien's works, but the more you read his works, the more you learn that he wrote several versions of parts of his works. His son Christopher did an excellent job of editing his writings, and explaining how there were different versions of the same events written through the years.

    I had trouble with reading "The Silmarillion" the first time, but subsequent readings have made much more sense. Also, "The Lost Tales" books and "The Unfinished Tales" do a good job of filling in some of the gaps. I haven't read any of the "History of Middle Earth" books yet. Do they explain the Beleriand years, and the Numenorian Age better than "The Silmarillion"? Maybe I'll get them for a late Christmas present.

    I'm looking forward to some LOTR discussions. I'm planning on seeing TT after Christmas with my brother and youngest son. The trailers are really interesting.

  7. by   Rustyhammer
    If I know I'm going to see the movie I try to avoid watching the trailers.
    I want to see it all for the first time when I see it.
  8. by   cbs3143
    Hi Rusty,

    Does that mean you're giving Lord of the Rings a second chance?

  9. by   Rustyhammer
    I'm going to wait till they are all done and out on DVD.
    Then I'll buy the box set.
    Too expensive to go to the movies. Family of 5 plus those high dollar snacks = $100 night at the movies. And I always get the seat in front of people who talk through the movie.
    I enjoyed the books and the first movie was good. I was just disappointed that it was a "to be continued" movie.
    Christmas night! I like that idea! Nothing else really to do, except sleep, of course!

    How many people really go to the movies on Christmas? I really want to avoid the crowds. I hate a crowded movie.

  11. by   cbs3143
    I'm with you Heather, I hate a crowded theater, but they seem to limit the seating nowadays, so it's hard to avoid the crowds. I have been to a few showings with less than 20 patrons though.

    And you're right Rusty, not much worse in a theater than some chatterbox sitting near you.

    After my back surgeries, I can't sit through a movie very well and get up and stand near the back of the theater a couple of times during the movie. There are very few movies that I go to these days. The rest ususally come out on DVD in six months or less. Actually, I think that FOTR was the first movie I've watched in a theater in about seven years.

  12. by   Bonnie Blue
    Wow! I feel so much better now. The more the merrier. I will have taken my last semester exam the morning of the 18th.

    I'm actually partial to Faramir. He won't come off looking too good in TTT (I've read some spoilers on onering.net) but he is a great character in the book. The actor playing him is really hot too!

    The History of Middle Earth contains alternative versions of the LOTR that Tolkien was working on. For instance, in one version, Aragorn marries Eowyn not Arwen. He changed names and characters quite a bit in a effort to get it just right. He probably would have still tinkered with it, if the publisher hadn't jumped on him to get the books done! Four volumes are available in paperback. I plan on digging into them over winter break.

    The extended version of Fellowship was amazing! It was like watching a new movie. I'm looking forward to 2004 when all three extended editions are available. I will sit down and a have a marathon movie session and get the whole picture.

    May Earendil shine down upon all of you.
  13. by   oramar
    I wish LasVegas would put that picture of her favorite elf up again. I have my tickets also.
  14. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by oramar
    I wish LasVegas would put that picture of her favorite elf up again. I have my tickets also.