lord of the rings

  1. Is anyone excited about the Lord of the Rings movie, Fellowship of the Ring opening on Dec. 19th? I ordered tickets online to see it that night. It's also the day of my last nursing final for the semester.

    I also picked up the soundtrack tonite. It's gorgeous!

    I read the books for the first time last year and was kicking myself for not reading them sooner. (I'm 36).
    Anyway, just thought I'd ask.
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  3. by   CashewLPN
    intregued, but not anxious...

    I'm in the middle of the last book of the Lord of the Rings... its pretty cool... slow reading though... The Hobbit is a faster read...

    I got to see harry potter though... awesome movie...

    lemmie know how LOTR is, then I might just see it.

  4. by   aimeee
    Ooooh, I'm excited! Hubby is even more excited and he never gets excited about movies. This will be one of the few the whole family goes to.

    I read the Hobbit as part of an Honors Reading Group in High School. Went on to read the trilogy in college and loved it. Didn't look at them again for many many years. Then when my kids were small they checked out the video tape of that awful animated version from the library. Ugh! I bought new copies of the books (mine disappeared over the years) and read The Hobbit to my son as bedtime stories (he was in second grade then) and he loved it. Hubby read him the rest of the trilogy. Now my son is in 4th grade and just finished reading The Hobbit on his own!

    Yep, we are primed and ready!
  5. by   Enright
    I can't wait for the movie. DH and I are planning to attend a late show so hopefully there will be fewer crying babies. We went to a 10 pm Harry Potter and people still brought 2 and 3 year olds.

    DH is a purist and will be upset if the slightest deviation is made from the text. I , however, am hoping they have Viggo Mortenson in every scene.
  6. by   semstr
    ouch, I had to read this books in school, long time ago and I hated them! Although this is 25 years ago, I definetly won't go and see the film.

    (my fantasy is just not big enough I guess)

    Take care, Renee
  7. by   Robin61970
    My husband and I both want to see this movie....it should be wonderful! As for Harry Potter, well we played the bad parents the day it came out,lol. We took out kids out of school at noon and went to see the 12:30 showing......hardly anyone there at 12:30 on a friday.....it worked out wonderfully! Hope you enjoy the show......
  8. by   nicola
    Haven't seen HP yet, but hope to this Sunday. Also am really psyched to see Lord of the Rings! My Daddy is also excited about it, so I'm going to take him to dinner and to see the movie while I'm there for Christmas.