living in toronto? anyone?

  1. no, relax everyone, i'm not moving...but one of the women i work with has a daughter, like 20-22ish..she is moving to toronto in a few months..has a job lined up doing club reviews for a small magazine, and will be going to school also...

    anyhoooooo, i told donna i would check with my canadian sibs for advice...
    ~~~what are toronto's local papers?
    ~~~and are there any areas of toronto in which you would not want your daughter to live?
    ~~~how are rents?
    ~~~etc etc etc

    any and all advice/inpout/suggestions would be great. she has been there before, but only to visit...


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  3. by   adrienurse
    Ask Happee Wendy, She lives in To. Been MIA lately, though.
  4. by   nurseman
    I live about 100KM north of TO so I can't help you on the good/bad places to live but I can give you links to the local paper

    The Toronto Star
    The Toronto Sun

    These links may be of some help for rents

    And for general TO info

    Weather is
    (Don't forget that it is in Celsius as Canada is Metric!)

    Hope this helps.
    Feel free to PM me with any more questions I visit there a few times a year and may even be able to answer them.
  5. by   hapeewendy
    hey hey hey
    I live in toronto
    (see this is me waving , from toronto no less)
    anyway.............major toronto papers are the torontstar and the toronto sun as shane mentioned
    as with any major city there are the less appealing places to live , pm me and I can give you a heads up on a few (I dont want to start bashing certain areas in public etc)
    the rents vary depending on where in the city your friends daughter will be living, I was just pricing one bedroom apartments near where I work (which is a very nice area of the city mind you) and the cheapest 1 bedroom apartment I found was $800 a month (canadian ,so thats probably like what five dollars U.S a month? haha)
    if you want to pm me I will try to shed some light, or you can give ur friend and/or her daugther my email address etc
    far as I'm concerned she has a friend here in me already if she needs one
    toronto is a lovely wonderful city and despite its "big city" feel it is full of nice people!
  6. by   Sleepyeyes
    I heard you have some great Chinese food up there too
  7. by   hapeewendy
    oohhhhhhhhh forgot to mention the food
    and multiculturalism!
    toronto is one of the most wonderful places on earth if youre looking for different cultural experiences.
    we have little italy, chinatown, little india, greek town ....all of which pride themselves on providing the people of toronto a true taste of each of their cultures.
    That is probably one of the reasons why I love Toronto so much..... *despite what some people in other parts of Canada say,many of whom forming opinions despite the fact they have never been to toronto!* ,it really is a world class city
    its not perfect by any means, but still I would recommend visiting if you get the chance
    I can play tour guide ,but my french absolutely sucks.... so dont go expecting much in that department