Living in Hell, aka Winter in Buffalo

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  2. for all you freaks who wanted snow, this is what asnow storm looks like, it's not "pretty" of "fun" or "nice". It SUCKS!!!
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  4. by   kewlnurse
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  5. by   kewlnurse
    I'm freakin COLD!!!
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  6. by   kewlnurse
    I did get to call in today
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  7. by   kewlnurse
    this is an avi don't know if it'll work
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  8. by   hoolahan
    Kewl, LMAO! Haven't had a good snow like that in NJ for awjile. NO, I am NOT complaining! I am thrilled!!!!!

    Last snow storm like that, my hubby plowed snow, I am always stuck clearing out the driveway, then rushing over to my in-laws to keep my F-I-L from keeling over, since he just won't wait for us to help him clear the snow.

    Anyway, last biggie, I was shoveling, yes SHOVELING that heavy mess, and had gotten to about 6 feet of breaking open the driveway from the road. My neighbor, used his snow blower to do his and our elderly neighbor's sidewalks (which was good, b/c I normally did them by hand too, and I didn't have it in me this time!) This time he was motivated to help. His car was stuck, and he spotted the big suburban in our driveway, I made my husband leave me the truck, so if kids got sick or his father had a problem, I could plow my way out (No, no plow on the truck, meaning drive right on over it!) So neighbor comes up to me and says, is that a 4-wheel drive? Yes. I'll make you a deal, if you drive me to where my car is abandoned, I'll do the rest of your walk and driveway. HAH! That's all you want I think??!! I'm telling you, at that very moment, I would have done ANYTHING, and I do mean anything, to not have to lift another shovelful of snow!

    Told my husband my feelings, just like I told it here, the next day we had a snowblower!

    Another year, big blizzard, had to saw off a huge branch that fell off the tree in the backyard onto my car in the driveway before I could get to the car. NOT fun!

    Snow, pretty to look at....on postcards! Pretty while it's falling, next day it looks like heck with all the black from the road grime.
    Snow, you can keep it.
  9. by   Q.
    Oh you poor baby.

  10. by   codebluechic
    Man... and I was *****in' because it was too cool to wear shorts today!
  11. by   night owl
    I hope you own a 4-wheel drive!
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  12. by   CC NRSE
    snow......eeewwwww!!!!!! i hate cold weather!!!! i thought it was bad here today with a high only in the 50's!!!!!!!
  13. by   aimeee
    Quit hogging all the snow, Kewl!!!! We have a pretty big driveway. I pay a fellow to plow it for us. $18 and worth every penny. He comes well before 8 am. If he can't get here to plow, well, then it doesn't make any difference cuz I sure as heck couldn't get anywhere anyway and might as well stay put.
  14. by   WalMart_ADN
    Northern Wyoming county here...(bout 45 min-hour away from buffalo for the rest of you )
    got lambasted with about a foot of snow this's still falling....i HATE winter...i am SO moving down south after I get outta school!
  15. by   kaycee
    Great pics Kewl. I 'm with Susy K "you poor baby" is right!!