Living cheap ! Saving $$$$. Family of six lives well on ONE paycheck !!

  1. I read an article about a family of six living well on one paycheck. They showed the family, their attractive rural two-story house, etc. The homemaker stayed home, she also penned a monthly newsletter of things she does to save $$ and still live well.

    I was thinking about it after I left Sally's Beauty Supply the other day. While I was there, I saw these 1/2 gallon jugs of shampoo for $7.99 . I came home and compared my shampoo in ounces and price and realized I would be saving 80 % in shampoo costs by buying at Sally's. Who wouldn't buy shampoo marked 80 % off? So, it doesn't have a fancy label!

    I know friends who buy liquid Dial bathroom soap at discount stores in 1/2 gallon containers who save a bundle. Instead of like I do, at the grocery store, $3 for a 10 ounce container.

    Anyone interested in sharing any $$$ saving ideas/tips? Whether you practice your tips or not, if you know some. I myself, get so caught up in the daily rat race called life, that I just grab whatever I need and keep going, not stopping to think of the cost over a years' time. Or the savings over a years' time if I were more economical.

    I'd like to be able to live on one income with only a slight to moderate decrease in standard of living.

    And does anyone know of this lady's newsletter? It is supposed to be a well known paper.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I am also interested in ways to save $$ and am particularly looking for things for single people who rent only a room or a studio apt. If I had storage space, I could really buy in bulk but that doesn't seem to be much of an option. Any ideas would be appreciated. (The one I can think of right now, is to watch those stupid bank fees. Believe it or not, there are some banks that are better about this. Usu they are the smaller, local banks.)
  4. by   ageless
    I think it may be this address:
  5. by   jdomep
    We are a family of 6 living on one pay check. Sometimes it is hard to organize $$$ but I do a pretty darn good job at it. (DH isn't allowed in the check book LOL)
    One of my favorite perks is having 4 boys so clothes/shoes and toys do get passed down....
    I learned to shop at garage sales, I have gotten many a toy and clothes lot off ebay.
    Around here we have estate auctions (which I love to go to) and I get furniture and stuff and fix them up for us.
    I go to Costco and buy food in bulk. (but do compare prices cause Kmart sometimes has better deals)
    Pre-prepared foods cost more so I try to make stuff and freeze it. Also planning a menu for the week helps us out quite a bit...

    I want to go check out that web sight now
  6. by   Rustyhammer
    One of the biggest money savers we have done is to make a weekly menu.
    We write out out menu for the week (or two) and write our shopping list to fill the menu.
    Buy everything on the list and nothing thats off the list.
    This eliminates impulse shopping and stopping on the way home for "something for dinner".
    I figure it has saved us at least a couple of hundred a month.

  7. by   passing thru
    Compliments to your discipline and strategy Rusty. And what a great site, I put it in my favorites, too much to read right now. Great "frugal" recipes. Paying off credit cards has to be at #1 on everyone's list. Credit cards "hock" our futures. They are the worst things that can happen to anyone. They rob us of our freedom; we wind up working to pay off the d___ things.
  8. by   RNonsense
    I think it's called the tightwad gazette...last I looked I couldn't find it like 3000hits though for similiar sites on google though
  9. by   deespoohbear
    I think the lady who wrote the Tightwad Gazette retired the newsletter several years ago. Her name is Amy Dacyzn or something like that. She lived in Maine and I think her husband was retired military. She was very creative....

    The main reason I work is because of the health insurance benefits. My husband is a self-employed dairy farmer and to obtain insurance through him is outrageous. The monthly premiums alone for just major medical coverage would be enough to send the ordinary family into the poor house. I have asthma and could never afford the meds if I didn't have prescription coverage for them.

    We shop at Sam's for our detergent and some other stuff. You have to watch what you buy though. Because buying in bulk isn't always the best buy. I can usually get better deals on cereal at the WalMart or grocery store by using coupons and watching the ads. And buying store brands save a bundle too....

    Pumping your own gas can save money, especially with gas prices through the roof right now...

    These are just a few of the things we do....
  10. by   memphispanda
    We are a family of 5 living on one paycheck. We have cut all our bills back to the minimum we can. We refinanced our house to get a lower interest rate/lower payment.

    I use coupons--a LOT of coupons. If the coupons in a given week are super, I will buy extra copies of the paper. My mom and aunt also mail me their coupons. We have double coupons up to 60 cents here, and if I combine coupons with sales, I can get a lot of things for free or almost free. My typical savings is about $180 of groceries for $80. I usually shop once/week. If I need health/beauty aids I go to Fred's (I don't think these are everywhere). Fred's doubles coupons up to $1 on Saturdays.

    I buy almost all my kids clothes at yard sales or thrift stores (not ratty stuff--NICE stuff). I will buy them new clothes if they are on clearance and very cheap. I also look on ebay for my oldest sons jeans. I have traded kids clothes with friends who have sizes my kids can use, and whose kids can use sizes I have. When people clear out their closet and ask if I want to go through it--I'm there. I also look for going out of business sales and big end of season clearance sales (save an extra 10% with this coupon!). My family dresses nice for probably less than $200 total spent on everyones clothes for the year.

    We bought clippers to cut the boy's hair. They like it, we like it, and it's cheap. We can cut their hair whenever it starts looking shaggy, and it's free! The clippers were maybe $14, which was less than I would have paid to have both boys hair cut once. My daughter has a blunt cut with bangs, and I trim her bangs between cuts.

    We have free LD on our cell phones and make all LD calls that way. We don't have a land line that we pay for--my husbands work pays for the only land line we have (he works from home).

    We very rarely go to the movies or go out to do things. We buy used movies to watch at home, usually for less than the cost of renting a movie. If my husband and I DO go out to eat or something, we go on one of the days I am not in school during lunch, but the kids are in school. Then we get the cheaper lunch food prices, and don't have to pay extra for a sitter.

    I'm sure there are other things we do that would be considered thrift by others that I have just gotten so used to doing that I don't realize them anymore. We still have a hard time making ends meet because we have huge monthly medical costs, but we would be totally bankrupt if we didn't do all these other things.
  11. by   TNcanNURSE
    We never go to the movies after the six o'clock shows. That way we can get in for $3 each instead of $9 each. You also get half price concessions before six. For less than twenty bucks we pay admission and buy popcorn, sodas, and hotdogs or nachos. Beats the crap out of what it costs to go on Saturday night at nine o'clock.
  12. by   Lausana
    I've found some really good kids stuff at some of the children's resale stores that keep popping up around town, they also buy clothes too. I got a bag full for 5 bucks
  13. by   studentOH
    Probably not helpful here, but my biggest one was learning to cook. Even without grocery shopping for the cheapest stuff I suddenly had tons of extra cash, and I lost some weight and felt a lot better.

    I rarely go to restaurants anymore unless traveling or entertaining, and I avoid anyplace with a drive-thru window like the plague .

  14. by   DebsZoo
    Between coupons, add comparison and shopping bulk, when we had all the kids home (totaled 9 in the house) I spent less than $500.00 on groceries a month.
    We have Dollar food stores (though some items are no deal), Aldi's, which most items are as good as name brands but at half the price sometimes.
    All of our clothes (except at Christmas and B-days) are second hand....thrift stores and trades from friends. Thrift stores are a lifesaver, and I am very picky about what I will buy.. Shoot, I could NEVER afford Eddie Bauer, Land's Endor many other brand name clothes........but shopping the way I do, I have to say, I get a lot of compliments and most can't believe that I shop where I do.