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  1. Last night I arrived home after being away from the news for 4 days. I crawled in bed and turned on fox news. I stayed up very late watching the live reports. I watched the expressions of total joy, on the faces of our military, as they stood outside of one of the palaces. I could feel their relief. I could see their pride, as they complimented each other for their efforts, with noone taking any compliments for themselves. I watched as they held up the American flag, by their tanks. There has been alot of controversy as to the live reporting. I have not known how I really feel about it. I have always seen both good and bad in it. Last night I was very glad to get to witness the relief and honor our military displayed, live. I know there is someone out there that found this negative. I just felt like sharing and wondered if others watched this unfold.
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  3. by   Mkue
    Chrissy, last night I saw footage that showed a group of Iraq children and adults smiling and shaking hands with the troops, I believe it was in Baghdad.
  4. by   nursenoelle
    I stayed up until 3 am yesterday watching it. 24/7 coverage will be the death of me. I worry that I will miss something. Sometimes I wish it were like the good old days of weekly war updates at the picture show.

    Then again, I would have missed what was shown last night. I hope some of them got to rinse off in the gold plated sink. I am elated that they got to sleep in something that was not metal or sand. Maybe we will hear from them soon.