List of Troops Deployed

  1. I have a very dear friend in the Air Force, active duty, so I am constantly on watch of whom is deployed when. She has already been called and told to pack her bag and get her affairs in order. She is only allowed 2 hours away from her base, max.

    I wanted to post this for any of you who also have friends and loved ones in the military to help keep you informed. The following is a list posted on the Fox news website (source is dept. of defense) of active duty and reservist troops whom have been called:,2933,35092,00.html

    God bless them all.
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  3. by   MRed94
    One of my best friend's kids is a Green Beret, and he left yesterday for God only knows where. HE didn't even know.....

    It's too close to home now, and I am scared all over again.