liquid Dilantin or injections?

  1. I'm having surgery next month and won't be able to take the dilantin capsules I've been taking for MANY years. Does liquid dilantin or dilantin injections exist? Either one of these options would be ideal.

    I'm very comfortable taking dilantin, and have been for the past 28 yrs and probably for the rest of my life. I was hit by a car when I was 3 y/o which is when I had my first seizure. My seizures are very controlled, and I like that because I'm able to have my independence. I would hate to be dependent now. Of course if that's what's in my future, I will work around it. In other words, I'm able to drive! I try hard to protect myself against anything that would trigger a seizure.

    Which is absorbed better capsules, liquid, or injections? Hoping for the best!
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  3. by   kids
    Dilantin is available as a suspension (orange flavored).

    One thing to keep in mind is it is NOT sustained release and has to be dosed more frequently...also mg for mg is not equal (in practice over 24 hours)...your best bet is to have your neurologist switch you 2 weeks before surgery so your blood levels can get stabelized before surgery.
  4. by   BadBird
    Dilantin is available both by intravenous or oral suspension. If you are npo and do not have a dobhoff or ngt then you will probably get the IV dose, also if you do not have bowel sounds then IV is for you, otherwise you may be given the oral suspension dose. Let your Dr. know your concerns ahead of time as many times regular mediations are ignored until brought to the dr's attention. Good luck and feel better soon:kiss