Lions, Tigers, and.......Tornados??? OH MY!!!

  1. OH YES! LADIES & GENT'S: A TORNADO...........

    Don't know where it came from, but I've never heard of Maine ever getting a tornado. Hurricanes, yes...but tornados??????????

    Well, I suppose I'll fill you in. Late Wendesday night my parents went to my aunts b-day party in town, (i live on a farm in the sticks) and I was at my b/f's house. (also my parents planned on going to canada on the 4th) WELL...around 9pm I get a phone call from my mother saying that something happened at the house, we don't have power, and that we had a tornado. Pshhh, yea, riiiiiight...tornado, in Maine......ok mom.....lay off the coffee brandy a little huh....:chuckle

    So around 9:45pm, my b/f and I decide to see what she was talking about AND.......low n' behold....maybe a mile from my house, I see where trees had fallen across the road and had been cleaned up, if you looked into the woods you could see trees down everywhere...but then.....I get to my house...ok, looks fine....*mom, you're nuts, nothing happened, we just don't have power*

    Well....(my grandmother lives in a house RIGHT behind us, like 500ft) I look up to my grandmothers house and I see this little light bobbing up n' down, so I tell James to go up there to see what that crazy woman was doing *outside with a metal flashlight during lightning*ummm yea ok gram, keep digging that grave* well we go up to her house and I see that a tree on our rock wall was down.*huge maple tree, fallen over rock wall, electric fence, and farm equipment* we get to my grandmother and she said that my parents had left for canada*wrong* they were in the house...but anywho...

    I go back down to my house *after seeing tree branches, trees fallen over, and a huge mess to be later cleaned up* I go inside and my mom's sitting there waiting for me telling me she thought I'd come right home *I told her I thought she was nuts, she said I was a brat :chuckle Then my dad tells me that, a tree fell on top of one of our trailors that we transport cows in *completly demolishing it* and a tree behind my grandparents house had come down also *again, over an electric fence*

    Well, my parents decided to leave for Canada early because they couldn't stand to be at the house any longer *ok, this is at 10:30pm and they'd get there around 2am or so**weird* so I end up staying with my weird grandmother on wed. night, then at my b/f's house for the rest until saturday. *don't worry I slept in his bed..HE took the floor!!*

    Funny thing about this tornado is, is that it only hit this one little section, which consisted of a lot of our property, and that's it...and a little down the road but not much else...Oh, and the cops found a car that was flipped over in the ditch near my house. Scaaarrryyy!!! We lost three nice large trees, part of our barn roof was torn off, and we have waaay too much to clean up...*atleast we live on the farm that has the equipment to do it with

    I hope you could follow this, I just thought I'd let you know what was going on in my little world. Who wouldda thunk? A tornado hitting a little teeeny tiny seciton in Maine. Oh I remember now that it did hit another place up old school building that was rennivated into an apartment building was hit by lightning and burnt throughout the inside...poopy, poopy, poopy...Poor Maine...Innocent little state, innocent little poor hicks!!!
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  3. by   live4today
    Kristi...I'm sure glad that you and your family...and bf...are all okay. That must have been some tornado to do that much damage. I didn't know Maine got tornados either. I've always wanted to visit Maine...still hope to one of these lifetimes. Stay safe. :kiss
  4. by   kristi915
    I never though Maine got tornados, we've gotten many hurricanes...bum...bah...bum. My trampoline has been tossed across our HUGE lawn and to the other side of the road 2wice. That baby's been through a lot! The guy's main priority right now is the barn roof, then the trees.

    Well cheerful, call me before you come up so I can let ya know if we're having a tornado again!!

    Tornadoes suck.

    I'm glad you and your family are all safe.

  6. by   oramar
    Everybody in Pitsburgh used to say we would never get tornados because of the hills. Suprise, surpise we have had them for several years in a row. My brother's home was badly damaged. In addition there are things called straight line winds and micro burst. These are not tornadoes but they pack as much punch as a tornado. Actually, the lady that was killed near hear in the amusement park was killed by a straight line wind that lifted a roof and dropped it on her.PS It appears that you are all alright, that is good to hear.
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  7. by   live4today
    You bet, Kristi. Thanks! Take care of yourself and be safe now. :kiss

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