Like ships passing in the night

  1. Does anyone else find that with work, kids, family obligations, pets, etc. etc. etc. that you and your spouse/SO are like ships passing in the night? My husband and I are lucky if we get a half hour to talk each day and I never feel like I am in tune with what's going on with him.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    All the time. And my therapist recently pointed out how damaging to my marital intimacy it was. So I have to work on it. My kids always come first, and I think that is a major problem for my dh and me. I guess we all have to learn what MUST be done and what CAN be put off, and remember who we will grow old with (or without). THAT puts a realistic mindset out for me,anyhow.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I think that at various phases of my life we have had spells like this. I remember in 1988/1989 our oldest son was in the hospital more than out and going to tons of MD appts. My focus during that time was solely on him and my husband took care of our younger son and did everything else. Then, when I went back to school in 1990 to 1994 again my focus was studying although not to the complete exclusion of my husband. However, it has worked the other way too...when my husband was gone (through the military) for many months I had the total responsibility of everything too. This is kinda rambling and I still don't think I'm saying what I'm wanting to. Just that there are some times (and when the kids are little and you are in school is one of those times) - these things happen. Right at the moment - I work second shift and he works days - we see each other very rarely. However, we know this is temp (until I finish my MSN hopefully by Sep 05) so we get through it. I wish you luck...other ways to connect include email - leaving messages on his cell phone, at home, leaving notes. I've sent my husband flowers at work too on occasion and he loves it.
  5. by   MelissaRN
    I feel out of touch with my whole family. My husband, my kids, my parents, my siblings, my inlaws. I'm exhausted all the time from working nights and when I work a stretch of 12 hour shifts all I do is work and sleep. When I'm off I spend time catching up on sleep and don't have the energy to cope with visiting family and of course when I do have time off it's usually when everyone else is working.