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  3. by   essarge
    WOW!!!! I went to that sight to "light a candle" and there are over 6,000 pages from all over the world!!
  4. by   misti_z
    Thanks P!

    From what I can tell over 186,000 candles have been lit
  5. by   debbyed
    Thank you for helping me light a candle
  6. by   mustangsheba
    Thanks P. It's heartwarming to see the response from other countries. I have lit candles every day since this happened.
  7. by   theboss
    Thanks P !
    This was a wonderful link to find today. i have sent it to friends and loved ones.
  8. by   AppyHorseFan
    Thanks P for this link. I went and lit my candle and there are nearly 250,000 candles burning now!!!!

  9. by   Udderoz RN
    Thanks P. I've made my Aussie mark of respect amongst other memorials on that page. This is my first mark here. It looks as if the obscene contributer to the memorial site got short shift....Thank God. Most might have been asleep and fortunately didn't see it.

    Nice to see you here,

    Regards from Udder
  10. by   nurseleigh
    Wow. that is an amazing site. the count was 465,395. Thanks. I emailed it to everyone i know.