Life's lessons

  1. One word of advice from a true blue knucklehead. Don't try to start painting your house after working several 12's (nights) because family is coming for Thanksgiving and you want your house PERFECT for them. At least drink a cup of java first.

    I got up yesterday after just 3 hours sleep, bleary eyed, to get started. Put down the drop sheets, mixed the paint thoroughly, dragged the ladder inside, put a newspaper on top of the ladder to maintain neatness. (big mistake) I was starting to edge the dining room so I poured paint into a plastic container for easier handling. I put the container on top of the ladder for easy access while edging by the ceiling. Well, I didn't place it squarely, the newspaper made it hard to see.....the bowl tipped over and when I tried to grab it I actually HIT it and rose-mauve colored paint went flying all over....dripping down the wall, off the ladder, off the windows sill, dripping off the wooden window blinds!!!! A big puddle on the drop cloth...whew! Not on the carpet! Until....the St Bernard walked over to investigate the comotion STEPPED into the paint and then ran all over the house when I hollered at him!!!! My Gawd....took me 11/2 hrs to clean up the mess!! Got the edging done then went back to bed........

    Too bad THAT wasn't just a dream....grrrrr
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    poor nurse


  3. by   ptnurse
    Bless your heart. What a nightmare. Glad that you got to the spilled paint while it was wet. Last time we had an adventue in painting at my house we decided it would be a much better idea for my hubby and I to work overtime (where we have some experience and know what we are doing) and hire the painter. The actual painting went ok for us, but my husband has a touch of asthma and the paint set it off. We didn't get that really cleared up for about three weeks. When painting gets done again it is either pay the painter or I am on my own.
  4. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heart of texas

    Ouch, my sympathies. You did label this thread well, as we all live and learn.

    doo wah ditty
  5. by   Furball

    The room is finished...I'm well rested. Fed the dog some bolony to make up. Time to tackle the living room! I'm off!
  6. by   CATHYW
    OMG! At least you'll have some good stories to tell at the holidays! And, by the way, put the doggie outside next time! LOL!