Life on Planet Bizarro

  1. a favorite science fiction theme is a man who wakes up in a world that seems to be the one he's familiar with, but isn't. slowly he realizes he is in a parallel universe, where everything is almost what he's used to, but not quite. he's on planet bizarro.

    sometimes i feel like that. sometimes i feel that the world i knew has been exchanged for another world.
    we never watched the league of nations descend into irrelevance as it failed to stop hitler, mussolini and tojo. we never saw international agreements trashed by sneering tyrants. we never saw politicians waving pieces of paper they claimed would bring "peace in our time," but instead brought the bloodiest of wars.

    so we don't complain when the u.n. descends into irrelevance as it fails to act against iraq or north korea. we don't object when academics and liberal pundits tell us to rely on pieces of paper to protect us. on planet bizarro, the middle of the 20th century vanished into a black hole

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  3. by   l.rae
    Bob...where are you getting all these great articles?.......LR
  4. by   JonRN
    I clicked on the link and read the entire article. Great!!! Thanks Bob for posting this.