Letting go

  1. Letting go of people we have gotten to know and care about is sometimes tough. Some people are easier than others to let go of due to the different interactions we have had with them. The ones that have been supportive, and a relationship was built by a mutual respect, is very difficult to let go of.
    I have watched many co-workers come and go. Some of these co-workers became dear friends of mine. I was able to develope life long friendships with many of them. They are the ones I know will keep in contact with me. Distance cannot cut the ties of true friendships.
    The cycle continues, there are four nurses that will be leaving our department by the end of the summer. Moving on to different jobs, areas of nursing, or towns. I have found that regardless of the what type of interactions we have had with one another, that their lack of presence it very noticable. Each person contributes different talents to the department. Each can be a very important resouce of imformation, and has played a part in keeping the department progressing.
    I see a direct tie to my feeling at work, with what has occured on the bb. When I say lets move on.......I say it for different reasons than some may think. I am not saying "get over it". I will never forget certain people and the way they influence me at work, and I will remember many of the posters that were here, that are now gone. I do have a respect for many of them.
    I have noticed, that when this topic comes up....and discussion persues......we end up loosing more posters. Each for differing reasons, just a my coworkers have different reasons for leaving.
    When I say lets move on...I mean lets stop hurting each other.
    I feel I have the need to say lets move on.....because perhaps many of the people that have chosen to stay here....do not want to see anyone else leave..do not want to see anymore pain...
    If this thread starts producing that type of pain I request it is closed immediatly, as that is not my intentions.
    I do not think I am alone with the feeling of gloom this morning. In the last week there have been several wonderful people leave the board. What now? That is our choice, how we continue on is our choice. I hope that this is not offensive to anyone. I am not trying to discredit anyones feelings at all. I am simply attempting to move forward, in someway. I would like to give myself permission to go back to enjoying the board....outloud to anyone that is in the same space I am. We are still here. Lets make the best of this board and try to carry on.:kiss
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  3. by   ktwlpn
    I think that leaving is giving in...stay and try to work to change the ways things have been going...E mail Brian-repeatedly..We need new ideas for fair and impartial moderating...
  4. by   passing thru
    Someone suggested eliminating the Off-Topic and W&T threads alltogether.
    And just keeping the site as the core idea was, a
    place for nurses with similar interests to communicate.
  5. by   pickledpepperRN
    Originally posted by passing thru
    Someone suggested eliminating the Off-Topic and W&T threads alltogether.
    And just keeping the site as the core idea was, a
    place for nurses with similar interests to communicate.
    Seems like a good idea.
    Thank you!
  6. by   Disablednurse
    I really like the off topic part of the board. If people could keep their mischief down, it would work out well. There are just some people who like to stir up trouble, just to see the turmoil that they put people in. I don't see why they cannot get their jollies off some other way. It has really gotten OLD!!!!!!!!
  7. by   karenG
    I really like the off topic part of the board- its one of the things that I come here for so would hate to lose it. I am learning so much about other people and the USA in general..........and would miss this general chat!

  8. by   LauraF, RN
    I must respectfully disagree with crissy. I think the "other thread" which was closed did help some. I learned more about many members of the board and was able to clear up some negative feelings I had about different members and I hope some of them were able to do the same.

    On the thought of closing OT, or W&T I think would be losing a large part of the board. We need a place to vent, or discussion other issues that don't directly pertain to nursing, but would like to discuss them with people that we can mostly figure have a higher level of education than most.

    With all that being said, I want to say goodbye to all that feel it necessary to leave. I wish you would stay but I understand if you feel you must leave. I feel more like someone else posted (and I'm sorry I can't remember who I read this from) but "this too shall pass". Hopefully with time, people will be able to feel more themselves and begin being more jovial. I really do believe things will get better.

    Hugs to all!
  9. by   Zee_RN
    I would not like to see Off Topic eliminated (I avoid W&T as I just *know* that's gonna be loaded with debate--I do my ostrich act and stick my head right in the sand). I enjoy many of the threads on Off Topic.

    But...if eliminating Off Topic created harmony, then I'd say go ahead and do it. Amputations sometimes save a life...or a bulletin board.
  10. by   H ynnoD
    Since I'm going to school to be a Nurse and right now doing my prereqs...I like going to Student Nursing or Off Topic.Since I'm not a Nurse yet I like posting on the off topic board the most.There is alot a different types of sharing going on here and I feel You need at least one Place to talk about other things besides work.All work and no play makes Donny a very dull boy!
  11. by   gwenith
    Exactly Donny!

    The reason why Brian "rearranged" the board so that the "Off topic" was less "visible" was to bring down the dissention and division while still leaving us somewhere to play. It also removed it from the "public eye" so we could let down our hair witrhout the finger pointing of "Unprofessional".

    What we are going through here is not unique. In fact there has been a lot of division in Bulletin Boards across the net and this could very possibly be traced to recent events.

    I understand and suport what you are saying Crissy. We need to start to have fun together again without feeling like we are beraying the memories of those who are no longer on this board with us.

    It was obvious to me that toward the end of the "invigorating" thread that most of the healing that needed to be done had occurred and those who needed the thread had, for the most part moved on. The thread was starting to become a magnet for troublemakers and I think we all saw that.

    Farewell our freinds but let us leave the door open so that if they ever pass our way again they can feel welcome to drop back in for a chat.........
  12. by   Mkue
    Recently I've let go of classmates who I've seen everyday for the past few years, it's a happy/sad occasion, we all wish each other well, some will stay in touch and others will get busy with their new jobs and lives.

    I'm moving on to the next level of education and will meet new ppl and go through the same process again after that graduation.

    I wonder how many ppl still stay in touch with former nursing school classmates, I think that's an idea for a new thread.
  13. by   Tweety
    mkue, I never see or hear from any of my former classmates, though we swore we would and that we would have a reunion. But I eventually moved out of the state I graduated in.

    I work with a lot of good contract nurses, they stay for 13 weeks to six months. I hate to see the good ones leave because we get close and away they go.
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Originally posted by passing thru
    Someone suggested eliminating the Off-Topic and W&T threads alltogether.
    And just keeping the site as the core idea was, a
    place for nurses with similar interests to communicate.
    Since you were not here for some of the most wonderful times in off-topic , you can't really know what you are saying. NO flame,but it was a great time; a lot of good friendships made. One member even suggested a Christmas Card exchange that netted THOUSANDS OF CARDS BEING SENT across the planet. THIS was the sort of thing we found in off-topic, way before you arrived.

    I will just register my vehement disagreement with you here and leave it at that. I think it can be good again, if we work at it. I want to talk about MORE than my job cause my life encompasses MORE than just this. I hope others agree.