letters from the President for a 100+ birthday???

  1. first off, yes we have permission to do this...
    does anyone have the website with info in obtaining a letter for birthdays??? have a client who is soon to be 103..i have looked on the (correct) white house website..and have done web searches...can't find it anywhere....
    any help would be appreciated.....
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  3. by   prmenrs
    Contact your Congressperson's office--they may know and/or send a greeting themselves.

    Doesn't the White House website have a "contact us" tab? Seems like it should if you wanted to advocate for some political issue. Just wondering...
  4. by   RN-PA
    Sunnygirl, my Aunt Margaret will be 100 in April and my sister recently emailed me the following info. that she obtained from the www.whitehouse.gov site. (I tried doing a search to find this info. on their site, but couldn't find it so I copied and pasted from the page my sister sent.) Hope this helps!

    The White House Greetings Office

    Thank you for your interest in a greeting from President Bush. The White House Greetings Office handles as many requests as possible, in accordance with a set of long-standing guidelines. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL GREETING REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING TO:

    The White House
    Attn: Greetings Office
    Washington, D.C. 20502-0039
    Please review these guidelines carefully before mailing your request to the White House.

    U.S. CITIZENS ONLY. The White House will send greetings to United States citizens only, for special occasions as outlined below.

    ADVANCE NOTICE REQUIRED. Your request must be received six (6) weeks in advance of the event date. We make every effort to honor every request, but we cannot guarantee a greeting if this guideline is not met. (Greetings are generally not sent after the event date, except for wedding congratulations and newborn acknowledgments.)

    ANNIVERSARY GREETINGS. Anniversary greetings are extended only to those couples who are celebrating their 50th (and subsequent) wedding anniversary.

    BIRTHDAY GREETINGS. Birthday greetings will be sent only to individuals 80 years of age and above.

    OTHER GREETINGS. A limited number of special occasions other than birthdays and anniversaries exist for which the Greetings Office will send appropriate recognition to United States citizens. These occasions include important events such as:

    Wedding (send your request after the event)
    Baby's Birth (must be born during the Bush Administration; send request only after baby's birth)
    Eagle Scout Award
    Girl Scout Gold Award
    Bar/Bat Mitzvah or equivalent occasion

    REQUIRED INFORMATION. Please include the following in your request:

    name and home address of honoree(s)
    form of address (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., Miss, etc.)
    exact date of occasion (month, day, year)
    age (birthdays) or number of years of marriage
    your (the requestor's) name and daytime phone number
    any specific mailing instructions if other than to honoree's address
    Wedding (Include couple's married names and current or new address)
    Baby's Birth (Include baby's date of birth and full names and address of baby and parents)

    WHEN TO EXPECT YOUR GREETING. In most cases, greetings will be mailed from the White House approximately ten (10) days prior to the event.
  5. by   sunnygirl272
    thank you RN-PA!!!!