Lets talk about Scrubs

  1. You'll watch that show "Scrubs" comes on tuesday nights at 9:30 i think. It's so funny. Its like the opposite of "ER". Ohhhhhhh ER comes on tonight!!!

    Gotta go get a life.:roll :roll
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  3. by   Zhakrin
    Somedays I feel scrubs is more real-to-life than ER is...lol..

    at least from a nursing interns perpective.
  4. by   Jas honey
    I think that show is fantastic!!! I tape it (coz i cant stay up long enough to watch it! sheesh) it is just hilarious...and IS more true to life than the other medical shows. i love dr. cox....newbie....LOL
  5. by   joyrochelle
    does anyone know if it's supposed to be a brand spankin' new ER or a rerun tonight???

    i fear dr. green's days are short....
  6. by   duckie
    Yes, Anthony Edwards days are numbered on ER. Got a feeling his death will be the final show of the season. As for SCRUBS, oh my goodness, if I laughed any harder I'd have to wear depends to get through the show. I especially love the parts where they do, in their minds, the things they'd really like to do but can't. Last night when Newbie whacked Dr. Cox and said,"How do you like me now *****!" I swear I thought I'd have an MI. This is the best show to hit TV in years!!!!!
  7. by   ClariceS
    I laugh a ton when I watch it! It is really funny! But any intern who didn't get to work here before the sun was up would be in big trouble. It is always daytime when they are showing them arriving at work.
    Must be fun! Playing a doc on TV.