Let's see how many I can offend with this....

  1. Mr. Bin Laden:

    It appears you owe the United States of America hundreds of millions of dollars for obliterating our beloved Trade Towers, extensively damaging the Pentagon and blowing up 4 of our aircraft. We are not going to accept cash payment for damages incurred as we have decided to take this amount directly out of your chickenshit ass.

    The towel on your head is obviously wrapped a bit too tight as only a complete and utter moron would do what you have done. You have not only completely pissed off the most powerful Nation in the history of the world but all of its many many friends. It's kind of like screwing the cheerleader that's dating the entire football team. It's just a really bad idea.

    You killed thousands of innocent Men, Women and Children with your cowardly act. You don't care about them but we assure you that we do. You didn't kill our Spirit though, you jackass and you never ever will. We have bonded together and as each day now passes we are twice as strong as the day before. The Afghanistan mountain range is only so big, we are going to find your sorry ass and when we do we will be placing a couple dozen missiles in it. And that's just the ones for you. The other 30,000 or so of them will be shoved up your friend's asses just for good measure.

    It has been unanimously decided that after we kill you (and we most certainly will) we are going to cremate your remains and dump your ashes into the New York City sewer system. This way they can all piss on your head everyday for the rest of eternity. We will soon be introducing you and your buddies to all of our friends, the AH-64A Apaches, the F-15s, the F-16s, the Stealth Fighters, the B-2 Bombers, the Tomahawk Missiles, the Battleships, the Destroyers, the Stinger missiles, the Abrams tanks, the AV-8B Harrier Attack Jets, the Warthogs, and MANY MANY more. Don't worry about giving them directions, they know the way. We know it's your home but we hope you don't mind if they just let themselves in because they are going to.

    Oh, before we forget, we hope it's okay if the Chinese, the Russians, the British, the Germans, the Israelis, the French and about 98 percent of the rest of the civilized world join us at the party because they have all decided to. See ya really really soon!

    Sleep tight you no good stupid son of a *****.

    The Americans
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  3. by   MRed94
    Didn't offend me at all.....

    P.S. Mr. Bin Laden, don't mind the colors that will be draped everywhere we can find a spot, they don't run...........

  4. by   nurs4kids
    lol! love it, printed it, forwarded it!!!

    did i mention it offended me? not
  5. by   debbyed
    Especially liked the "SEWER" line!!!
  6. by   kaycee
    I couldn't have said it better myself.
    From an American that was not at all offended!
  7. by   ICUBecky
    LMAO!! that was awesome!!
  8. by   Q.
    As usual, excellent post Dave.

    Your Republican soulmate
  9. by   kewlnurse
  10. by   Ltkristarn
    wicked cool!!!!!!
  11. by   casperbjs
    way to say it!
  12. by   betts
    For all of us that won't be afforded the opportunity of 'kicking ass', you can play this game.
  13. by   deespoohbear
    [SIZE=3] AMEN!!

    God Bless the USA!!
  14. by   Robin61970
    Way to say it......loved it........