Let's hear it for a great new year

  1. Well let's see, how have I evolved in the last year? Well this time last year, I was still hung up on the married dude. Fell for him before I found out he was taken, don't worry I didn't disrupt his perfect life -- he did however disrupt mine. So I was doing the sulky thing this time last year. Just want to smack myself for that.
    I am SO over him.

    Then there was the yucky bridesmaid thing. Can you believe my cousin actually FIRED me from her wedding party. Something about my attitude and her doubts about my being able to fulfill my "duties"? Bwaaaa Haa haaaaa! Of course, this was only after I shelled out money all those times to help her with the planning. What a drama queen.

    Anybody else able to laugh at themselves?
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    Well what I will do different this year than the last. HMM
    Well Im hoping not to be envolved with in any shape or form of an attorney. Lets us pray..... I really dont have any regrets for this year, I have been very blessed to been associated with great co workers,great vacations and a husband that loves the ground I walk on. I do hope that this year brings me pitter patter of little feet around my home. It will be a miracle considering Im going to Cali and my hubbys going to be in Egypt, ya never know lol.
    I hope that we get notification that our next posting will be somewhere in the States, that would be better than little feet, but I will settle for either lol
  4. by   PennyLane
    I've gone through a hellish year, so hopefully it can only get better! 2003 will see the start of nursing school for me. That's one good thing. 2002-let's see....I finally decided to do something about my ongoing depression, much to my relief (and my boyfriend's!!). I also decided to do something about my career (hence my membership at this website).

    One thing I KNOW I will do in 2003 is start exercising more. Now that I have a roommate, we are going to kick some a$$ power walking around the neighborhood (I'm too chicken to go by myself when it's dark).
  5. by   baseline
    What would I do differently? This year? Hmmmm... good question. I changed jobs.......still debating that one....No other major changes....now the year BEFORE I would do differently....and then this past year wouldn't matter would it!! LOL.

    I want to move in with my honey. Whether it be in Canada or the States........I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!! It's time.
  6. by   nursegoodguy
    I have a feeling that the beginning of this year, (for me) will have many obstacles and be filled with turmoil, (little turmoils but still enough to disrupt life on a regular basis) but I think with the passing of spring and into summer all will be resolved and life will be happy again...
  7. by   PennyLane
    How very abstract, Guiseppe. Are you predicting the future, or just seeing where current events are likely to go?
  8. by   nursegoodguy
    I do not dispell a persons ability to read the future via feelings or use of a device be it cards, crystals, rune readings...
    I think mine is more based on events and current situations?
  9. by   PennyLane
    I also believe there are those who can peek into the future through various means. I hope the beginning of the year goes more smoothly than you anticipate!!