Let's have a "catfight"

  1. :chuckle Please answer the following questions.
    1. Do you think cats should be "indoors or outdoors?"
    2. Do you think cat breeding is OK or do you feel all cats should be spayed and or neutered?
    3.Do you think it is OK to de-claw a cat?

    Thanks for your answers.
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    1) indoors. Too many stupid ***ed mean people out there.

    2) Cat breeding is WRONG. There are way too many homeless cats out there on the streets and in animal shelters, it really peezes me off when people purposely arrange to bring MORE animals in the world, anbd most of the time for a profit.

    3) other measures should be employed before a cat is declawed, since some people will get it done the first time a cat sinks his claws in the furniture. Equate declawing with getting your fingers removed at the middle knuckle.
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  4. by   Katnip
    1. My cat is strictly indoors. Studies have shown outdoor cats have shorter lifespans. Besides, he's afraid of the big-wide-world.

    2. I don't breed my cat. I see no need to. He's neutered.

    3. My cat is declawed. He was shredding my daughter, she has scars from 5 years ago. It was declaw him or send him to a shelter. Chances are he would have been destroyed there. He still climbs, still uses a scratching post. Has no trouble with balance, etc. Which is crueler?
  5. by   BRANDY LPN
    1. indoors/outdoors, less mess , no litter box, but I don't have very strong opinions on this.
    2. NO companion animal should be breed. period. ever. unless you have a show quality animal that will really contribute something to the gene pool your animals should be spayed/neutered.
    3. NO declawing, this is cruel, what would happen if your kitty escaped or you were forced to give it up and the new owners left it outside?
  6. by   LauraF, RN
    1. My cat is indoors due to #3. Plus I think that there are too many diseases and other hazards that make it safer for them to be indoors.

    2. I think domestic household cats should be neutered or spayed. I see no problem with breeding purebreds along as it is done by educated breeders to preserve the breed. My dream is to have a Maine Coon.

    3. I prefer having them keep their claws. But, with small children, and a disabled daughter I have mine declawed. When I adopted my female she was already declawed.
  7. by   gwenith
    Mine is an indoor/outdoor but that simply means she goes out for relief and then visits the neighbours. Does not chase wildlife but will come in with the occasional skink or gecko.

    She is neutered I got her from the RSPCA as a fully grown cat and they will NOT give away non-neutered animals - she had actually just had kittens (her breasts were still engorged) but they were destroyed at the shelter - sad but I can see why they would do this. I am a firm believer in neutering there are far too many feral cats out there. Australian wildlife is suffering tremendously from the feral cats and foxes


    3. Sorry could NOT get her declawed - the times she has tried to sink her claws into the furniture I have just had to say "Uhh" make a disaproving noise and she got the hint. Cate, unlike dogs will not tolerate being hit for disciplining - they do though respond very well to tone of the voice and clapping hands - at least I have always had success with this.
  8. by   NursesRmofun
    I am not going to say what I think all people should do, but my cat is:

    1) indoor/outdoor and a country cat

    2) he is neutered

    3) he is not declawed

    He is the best Tiddy. teehee :chuckle
  9. by   ang75
    1-both indoors and out

    2-spayed. No breeding
    3-declawed. Cat's mainly use their hind feet for fighting. So even if she did get into a fight she would most likely be able to hold her own
  10. by   camay1221_RN
    Both of my cats are indoor cats, but when I grew up in NC, we had about 30 cats on the farm we lived on and they were all outdoor cats. The outdoor cats were great mousers.

    I think cats should be neutered or spayed. Okay, I know my above statement may contradict that, but I was a kid and had no say in the reproductive habits of the cats!

    Both of my cats are declawed, front only. If they were outdoor cats, I would have left them intact, but when they were kittens, I had some clothing and my legs take some abuse at the claws of the cats.
  11. by   kids
    Quote from Blackcat99
    :chuckle Please answer the following questions.
    1. Do you think cats should be "indoors or outdoors?"
    2. Do you think cat breeding is OK or do you feel all cats should be spayed and or neutered?
    3.Do you think it is OK to de-claw a cat?

    Thanks for your answers.
    Cats kept as pets
    1) It depends on the environment...inner city or appartment complex cats should be inside. I prefer indoor-out door. Minimal litter box mess and no worries on the cat getting out (unlike the people I know who keep strictly indoor cas and have trouble opening a door).

    2) Cats should be spayed/neutered unless there is a compelling reason not to.

    3) Claws on or off is a personal preference based on what is best for ones family...I don't do it and have the shredded furniture to prove it (and un-touched scratching post).

    Different rules (for #1 & #2) apply to farm/ranch cats kept for pest control.
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  12. by   suzy253
    1. Indoors b/c of diseases and other animals....coyotes especially.

    2. Should be neutered....all five of mine are.

    3. Never declaw. It's like removing your mid-knuckle downward. I have trained my kittens/cats not to scratch. There are other ways to control their scratching.
  13. by   dianah
    Agree w/Kids-r-fun, for same reasons. I just don't know how to keep the cats from scratching furniture when we're not home (and they're all indoor cats). So, my furniture bears "the marks."
  14. by   Dixiedi
    Quote from blackcat99
    :chuckle please answer the following questions.
    1. do you think cats should be "indoors or outdoors?"
    indoors unless your cats/s have the lower 40 to play safely in.
    2. do you think cat breeding is ok or do you feel all cats should be spayed and or neutered?
    snip 'em. way too many unwanted "pets"
    3.do you think it is ok to de-claw a cat?
    my dad had a (front) de-clawed cat. when she did get outside she sure was able to shread my fathers' daughters well enough trying to coax her back in.
    thanks for your answers.
    i am very allergic and think all cats should be kept in there own homes to save me from myself when i come across one and pet that darn thing! i'm such a sucker for them!