Let's go Red Wings!!!

  1. Bring it on Blackhawks.
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  3. by   ADNOLOL08
    Great series! I was definitely looking forward to the Wings and Pens meeting up again in the finals. The upcoming games will be awesome to watch. Can't wait until Saturday!
  4. by   RN1982
    I can't wait either. I still can't believe they are playing back to back games.
  5. by   ElvishDNP
    I personally hope the Wings DESTROY Pittsburgh. I was at the last game between Pittsburgh & Carolina - and I came to understand why people can't stand the Penguins.

    Dirty-playing punks.
  6. by   ADNOLOL08
    Agreed Elvish. I didn't see all of Tuesday night's game but from what I heard it seemed that there were some ridiculous penalties against the Wings and instances where penalties should have been called against the Pens and weren't; especially when they had 6 men on the ice! Open your eyes ref!
  7. by   RN1982
    They better be in A-game mode tonight. I was disappointed with Tuesday's game. Oh and Pittsburgh got away with having too many players on ice without any penalty being called.
  8. by   ADNOLOL08
    I really hope that being back on home ice will give them the kick they need to get back into gear. I have no idea what happened in Thursday's game, but that was not Red Wing hockey. The Pens were on top of their game and the Wings..unfortunately, weren't. Here's to hoping that the Wings set the record straight Saturday night!
  9. by   RN1982
    I hope they do better tonight. It will be a rowdy crowd in Detroit. I think they are just really tired. Back-to-back games were not good on their bodies. I hope they have more energy tonight.
  10. by   ADNOLOL08
    SO glad that they were on their game tonight!! Such an amazing game - fantastic puck handling; great aggression and even a shutout! Absolutely fantastic Red Wing hockey! Here's to hoping they carry that momentum into Tuesday's game and take the Cup!
  11. by   RN1982
    Pavel was back too. I think that helped out a lot. He reminds me of Steve Yzerman. Osgood was wonderful, shut out the Pitts. One more game to go and we are the champs.
  12. by   ADNOLOL08
    Pav is awesome.
    Game 6 was a disappointment. Pens outplayed the Wings and the Wings could have been more aggressive. The fact that it's now a game 7 is very exciting, but very nerve-wracking as well. It's a great advantage that Detroit has home ice tonight.
  13. by   RN1982
    Well, I'm not a sore loser. I have to give the Wings credit for making it this far. The Pens were great. Malkin deserved the Symthe trophy, he's ranking up there with all the greats. So next season should be hot. I foresee a rivalry between the Pens and the Wings just like the rivalry the Wings had with the Avs. Both teams played well, Pens played better. I'm still a Detroit girl.
  14. by   ADNOLOL08
    Same here. I'll never give up on the Wings. They've lost the Cup before in the past. We know they'll win it again. And I think you're right. A big rivalry more than likely will appear; should make for some great games. I feel sorry for Hossa though; he left one team for another and then his former team takes the Cup.