let's dance

  1. I recently made comment to someone close to me, we should go out dancing sometime, and they said I am too old to dance.

    Sorry folks for another age related question, but to
    an I'm too old to _________.

    I say do whatever your heart desires, including dancing, going to see a kid's movie by yourself, throwing stones across the water.

    I am better at my age now than when I was younger. Forties are going to be cool for this kid. 41 soon.

    sorry again for the age related thing.....
    me at 17 and now, wouldn't recognize me anymore.

    any other aging comments and i will never grow up comments.....

    just call me peter pan.....
  2. Poll: are you too old to _______?

    • dance

      10.00% 1
    • xxxxx

      20.00% 2
    • walk

      0% 0
    • run

      50.00% 5
    • play

      0% 0
    • dream

      0% 0
    • change

      20.00% 2
    10 Votes
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    a just a nurse contemplating the nature of my career.....


  4. by   Fgr8Out
    Good point, Micro!

    I'm a member of the "you're only as old as you feel" Association. The day I'm too old to enjoy any of the activities Micro mentioned, is the day I need to be kicked in the a$$... LOL
  5. by   NurseDennie
    I agree, Micro. When I look back at how I was when I was a teenager, I just was kind of an amorphous blob. I didn't know ANYTHING and I thought I did! LOL


  6. by   Ted
    Great Post!

    I'm happy to be 42 years old. There's been a lot of living during that time. Can definately relate to the "Peter Pan" Syndrome. Maybe because I don't have children that I sometimes have that "Peter Panish" childish way. For example . . . that "Are you a Conservative or Liberal?" poll/thread I started, I'm secretly hoping it will turn into one hot flamming war! (Boy, do I feel 12 years old now!!!)

    However, I really do want "all of us to calmly discuss our opinions". That's the "mature 42 year old" in me.

    So. . .

    Sometimes it's "Whirled Peas" (the silly kid in me), but most times it's "World Peace" (the adult). I'm happy with both.



    P. S. I'm happy to do all of what's listed on Micro's poll.
    Skipping rocks across the water is way cool too!

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  7. by   Brownms46
    I'm over the hills for a lot of stuff...but dancing isn't of them.....and I totally agree with Micro...of course.. Most people have no clue as to my age...and I mean I hear it all the time. My daughter has the same problem...as she is taken for teenager all the time! Just two weeks ago at the Oral Surgeon's office, they wanted me to sign the consent for her.... They actually thought she was under 18 ! She is 25 this coming Monday...poor kid! She hates the fact that most people thinks she's a kid....but I tell her...just wait a few years...you'll love it! I love the look on people's faces as when I tell them my age...and they try to look for the wrinkles..:chuckle. I act like I don't see them looking hard to find any...:chuckle. I enjoy dancing, kayaking, playing BBall, running, volleyball, skating, swimming, hiking, tennis, and going to the driving range...and if I couldn't do these things...I would just tell you to throw some dirt on me...
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  8. by   live4today
    Micro, I couldn't check any on that list because I'm not too old to do anything in life! Being too old to 'move' or 'think' is too darn close to 'dead' to me, and I love life! It's what we make it!
  9. by   aimeee
    Where is the none of the above button?
  10. by   duckie
    You're never too old to dance or do anything that makes you happy. I like nothing better than to light the candles and put on hubby and my favorites songs. A little dancing turns into great foreplay and I AIN'T never gonna be to old for that!!!!!!!!
  11. by   micro
    "......................a little dancin' turns into.............."

    you said it duckie........

    micro didn't put a none choice in...........no votes on a poll.......this is a good thing........

    keep it young and have fun all.........
    there are a lot of the other kind out there........

    remember aging in nursing
    there are your old/old and your young/old, etc.

    i am young, very very very young...........
    some people let their age make them old...........and then they become OLD

    some days I am still a very awnry teenager in a slightly older body.........

    and somedays I am possibly my chronological age.....

    and then some days.........

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  12. by   aimeee
    That's what I meant, Micro! You need a none of the above! I'm not too old for any of those!
  13. by   micro
    sorry, micro forgot, I am old you know, but only for none........

    all others......


    okay, i will be good................
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  14. by   CATHYW
    originally posted by aimeee
    where is the none of the above button?
    can do, and will keep trying to do all of the above! it's when you quit trying that you lose interest and ability! and micro-complete sentences? what has come over you, woman? lol! :roll
    i believe at 40, you are just coming to the best part of your life. it is a shame that we can't put some parts of our life on "rewind" and live them over, with the experience we have now!
    (smilies are from the kid in me!)
  15. by   micro
    omg, Cathy, what has happened to micro.........

    Micro is almost using correct grammar and punctuation. omg!!!!!!!!!

    what is to become of micro?????

    hey, Aimee.........
    are you a super moderator.......
    feel free to add none and other and other additions if you would like.........you share much same perspective as micro..........except you are a more eloquent speaker.......

    gotta go now, folks..........find that dang nab cane and go out for a walk before work..............

    micro and out.....
    keep it young