Let It Snow!

  1. just sitting here in south georgia! it's a cool 52......wishing for some snow!

    why oh why did i ever move so far south? anyone interested in sending me a little via ups?

    i checked into having some snow blown in the yard......runs around $2000.00

    *small donations are always welcomed!

    i'm dreamin' of a white christmas!

    :d oh well......guess i should go to bed......
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Can send you some from my front yard....just need to pay Fed Ex Charges.
  4. by   vashka25
    Oh I would send you ALL my snow..... We've had snow here off and on since The first of October.....!!!!! Enough of the white stuff already.... I'd be happy with snow on xmas day and that's about it.

    ???? and how many shovels full of snow can I pack into a shipping box ?????

  5. by   Ortho_RN
    I don't want the snow.. It is all nice and pretty for a lil while, then it just becomes a big ole wet mess... There is one good thing about the South, LACK OF SNOW!!!
  6. by   Ted
    . . . yuck!

    (But I guess it does look pretty during the holiday season, though. Still, though. . . yuck!)

  7. by   renerian
    In 3.5 years I am heading down south with hubby to get away from the snow. Hate it. I will wish you a snowstorm. How often, if at all does it snow there?

  8. by   NurseDianne
    Last time it snowed here......my baby was 8 months old........she's almost 15 years old now. UGH......she's never seen the snow. I did live in Germany for 3 years, and loved the snow!!!

    Today it is 48 and looks like rain. I wish it were snow clouds. I know, ya'll all think I'm nuts. But try living in an area where today it's 48 and it could be 70 by dark. Shorts for Christmas. I rarely need to wear a heavy coat.
    This is how bad it is. My friend went to Gatlinburg, Tn this weekend for a wedding. She called last week to borrow my heavy winter coat. She doesn't own one. The community coat for trips I suppose resides here. :chuckle
    Don't want any of ya'll to be in danger from winter storms.......just send me extra white stuff.

  9. by   semstr
    We have -10C here in Vienna and just a little bit of snow. But it is freaking cold and getting colder!!!
  10. by   BadBird

    I am with you, I love the snow, the air smells so crisp, I love the feel of the crunch in the snow when you walk. Everything ugly looks so pretty covered in snow. Until......... the dirty roads turn the snow brown and slushy, the cars look like they are dipped in mud. Oh well, must take the bad with the good. I'll send you some snow wishes from Pittsburgh.