Lesslie, This Story Reminds Me of The Quilt You Made With Such Love For Your Sisterr

  1. My Grandma told me once that life is just a patchwork quilt
    of births, marriage and things.
    And sometimes when we're looking for a lovely piece of red
    we only find a knot of faded strings.

    But she said the brown is brighter when it is by a piece of red
    and the gray is not so gray by sunny gold.
    Oh, I hope I'll have a lovely patchwork quilt like Grandma's
    to show to little children when I'm old!
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    thank you fran. :kiss
    it is so true, piecing together fabrics with a history, a past, a sentiment....in the end the colors are the least important as inevitably, a quilt made with random pieces of a person's life results in a menagerie of unforgettable memories that create the colorful reflections of yours and your loved ones' lives.

    with love and much gratitude,

    leslie xoxo