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  1. They think we had wronged them. And we think they had wrong us...The longer this goes on, the more will be killed. In the names of those who are sacrificed & missing, I pray for peace and for forgiveness --our and others'. I pray for the souls of the sacrified. I pray for the families who are waiting for their loved ones to come home. I pray for the missing and I hope for miracles.

    Quoting Gandhi:

    <An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.>



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  4. by   RNforLongTime
    I cant pray fast enough and that is all I can do right now! Prayers to all

  5. by   debbyed
    Sorry, My heart isn't that big and my mind is saying things you don't want to hear. This country has been toothless for far to long. It's time to add a little bite to the bark.
  6. by   kaycee
    My heart and prayers go out to all, but I agree with debbyed. We need to strike back to let these heartless people know this will not be tolerated!
  7. by   joanie71
    my prayers go out to all the people who have lost loved ones, and may the divine power help those who are helping others in this sad time.
  8. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    I would suggest that they be forgiven only as a function of being allowed to show remorse and be given an opportunity to repent before we send them before the true judge of man.True forgiveness is not ours to give. Only mercy can be expected for these rabid dogs that are too infected by their own doctrines to distinguish right from wrong. They need to be put down.
    To show mercy is different than forgiveness, but being a coward is closer to forgiveness than it is mercy. These are two principals, of course, that these terrorists will never understand.

  9. by   -jt
    Look at what they did to my city.

    Look at what they did to innocent people.

    50 THOUSAND people work in the offices and shops of the WTC.

    Millions more are on the street for the morning rush- hour going to work in the area.

    How many children did not have their parents home for bedtime stories last night?

    How many parents did not have their children coming home from their first jobs in time for dinner last night?

    A percentage of our entire city police force is missing in the rubble.

    Entire companies of firemen have been wiped out.

    Have you seen the photos of jet-fuel-soaked burning people falling out of skyscraper windows in flames? Some who jumped were holding hands - in groups of up to 4 at a time - and jumped from 110 stories above the ground trying to escape a death by fire.

    I will forgive the monsters for their inhumanity & I will pray for their souls........... after they are executed.

    My only regret is that they will not be tied together, set a blaze & pushed out a broken window from miles up in the sky.
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  11. by   Jenny P
    There is a lot of anger in our hearts today; but that anger is only going to fuel hatred. Yes, I am angry at what has happened; but please, for the sake of the injured, dead, and missing, pray that the right people are caught and we don't become a country of angry racists.
    Take comfort in your faith- whatever it may be, and know that there is comfort in God's presence. We saw the death and destruction, remember those innocents who died are with God and it is those of us who are left who must cope with this aftermath.

    We can heal as individuals and as a country- don't let these terrorists turn us in to what they are- people who hate others because they are different from ourselves.
  12. by   kewlnurse
    Originally posted by eventsnyc

    We need to preach forgiving, not revenging. No matter what people tell us.

    Sorry but i couldn't disagree with you more. Thw whole reason this happened was because of the lack of action the Clinton administration took when the WTC was bombed in the firts place. If that weasel did the right thing then, we wouldn't be having this discussion now. George W. will do the proper thing: swift and total elimination of the evil Piece of S$%t that is responsible for this. The wuss years are over and these predators need to realize, that once again you can't F%^K with the US of A and get away wih it. If I sound angry it's because I am! We have been violated and justice needs to be swift and forceful.
  13. by   eventsnyc
    Latest: A lady was pulled out from the rubbles.

    Please continue to pray for the others who may be trapped alive.

    Best wishes,

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  14. by   eventsnyc
    How many times can each side afford to strike back?

    There will be a monument built one day on this attack site. Sadly no memorial building will bring back the lost lives. to prevent loss is better then to build more memorials.

    To seek revenge is human.
    To seek forgiveness & peace takes great strength.
    To forgive the greatest wrongs takes the greatest & sometimes seemingly impossible strength.

    To give a peaceful world to our future generations, we need to sometimes do the impossible.

    The true & immediate winners of the continuing revenge are the weapon dealers. The leaders are in safe houses. Plotting the next strategies to enhence their standing or to keep their jobs.

    Divide and rule = a tired old song.

    Remembering a song I was taught when I was singing for the Unesco in Paris one cold winter, please share:

    <Let there be peace on earth,
    Let it begin with me.>

    There is room for everyone to live in this world!

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