Last weeks ER episode

  1. Did anyone watch it and could you give me the scoop on what happened. My daughter forgot to tape it and I'd like to know what happened????? Can't help it, I love that show. Thanks in advance!!!!
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  3. by   suzannasue
    I don't know these people's names, please bear with me...Mark Greene's brain tumor has surfaced again (?) inoperable,the oncologist set him up with appointment for "laser knife" treatments,but he went to work that day and I really do not remember him taking a break for the treatment...he has not and is not gpoing to tell Elizabeth nor his daughter of the diagnosis. At the end of his shift he became quite ill and was found by female doctor,blonde,Carter's sweetie, outside and she took him home,helped him to the couch, and he fell asleep on her lap. Next week's big story line is Carter giving her Hell for spending the night with Mark and she cannot tell him why she was there.
    A man with 50% burns was brought into the ER,his wife a nurse,very professional and concerned until she learned he had been cooking up crystal meth prior to the explosion...the poop hit the fan and she walked out...Elizabeth tried to talk her into calming down and being rational "for the children's sake"...(can't you see the guilt coming her way when Mark starts circling the drain?) Elizabeth met with...ummm..Eric LaSalle and told him she "thought she had left her husband",told him that she and baby are living in a hotel...he was very compassionate reagarding the baby"...sorry this synopsis is not bountiful in specific information, I tend to zone out during hospital oriented series. Hope this helped a little!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. by   canoehead
    Maybe Susan and Mark will finally get together....just before he kicks off. (I hate reality shows)

    I still think that Carrie Weaver and Gerry (the desk clerk) have a lot of chemistry, I would jump up and down if they started concentrating on a little sexual tension between them.

    And Gerry and the other male desk clerk got into it a little. Apparently they are both a little hard headed. That happens at our ER too!!
  5. by   RN-PA

    Is Gerry the big younger desk clerk that recently came back to ER? He was in the first seasons of ER and I wondered what happened to him and why they wanted to bring him back since that older desk clerk (ex-cop) has had the "spotlight" this season.

    What happened to that sassy young female desk clerk who always dressed inappropriately and snapped her chewing gum? (I forget her name.)

    I hope that Susan and Mark get together, too before he dies. His relationship with Elizabeth has been annoying for a long time and I never felt much chemistry between them.
  6. by   shanzo89
    <<I still think that Carrie Weaver and Gerry (the desk clerk) have a lot of chemistry, I would jump up and down if they started concentrating on a little sexual tension between them.>>

    Sorry, canoehead, but Carrie is a lesbian. Did you mean someone else? I'm glad Gerry is back, he's funny.

    I wish Carter would have stayed with Abbie, he seemed to dump her as soon as Susan got back in town! Poor Abbie!

  7. by   RN-PA
    I'm with you, shanzo89. I meant to mention about Carrie being a lesbian, too.

    And I agree about Abbie; she and Carter make a better match than Susan and Carter, IMHO. Susan seems too "old" for Carter to me-- I don't know how to explain it, but maybe it's a chemistry/physical thing.

    I keep waiting for Abbie's recent falls "off the wagon" to progress to a major story line. She had that beer on the steps of her apt. building with her abused neighbor and right before the neighbor's abusive husband attacked Abbie, she had been drinking a glass of wine.
  8. by   duckie
    Thank you for telling me what happened!!!!! I really enjoy that show and was pretty ticked that I didn't get to see it. I also enjoyed some of the comments so thought I'd add my ideas. Personally, I don't feel sorry for Abby. I think she's very self oriented and played both Carter and Lucas, till Lucas got tired of her games. Then she decided on Carter but he had gotten tired of her games too so he decided to try Susan and see what would come of it. Mark and Elizabeth never have had much "hot" chemistry but I don't think it would be fair to mess up things for Carter and Susan since Mark's going to die soon. Mark needs to tell Elizabeth and get his life in order, he does have 2 kids, although one of them seriously needs a swift kick in the rear. What does he think hiding this will do to her when he just up and dies without telling her anything. It's obvious her Mom couldn't handle her or didn't care, not sure which, he needs to think about what will happen to her. As for Carrie being a lesbian, how come we went through a million shows with no indication of this and then all of a sudden, she's gay. I think she just wants someone to love and she's so hard nosed that everyone can't get close to her. I remember one episode when she had a male patient that she was looking at with interest but when he asked her out she said no. Probably a good idea not to date a patient, but I think she could go either way. Remember back when Carter was renting off of Carrie? I remember hoping that they would get involved. Now that would have shook up the ER!!!
    Hi Y'all! I hate to admit it sometimes too, but I do love ER.

    I also think Carrie and Gerry have chemistry! Remember, she wasn't always a lesbian. Remember her former lover that came to visit her in the ER once? She did some kind of work in Africa, and he was this large handsome black man, and everyone was gawking at them hugging & kissing in the hallway? Carrie's door definately swings both ways.

    I prefer Abbie with Luka over Carter, but I hope she ends up alone to tell the truth. I'm getting kind of tired of all of her "issues". Get over it. If Carter and Luka were fighting over me, all life's other troubles would be ******* trivial!

    But who can tell me what was up with all Luka's "flashyness" in that last episode? The car, the clothes, the party at the end? Where do you think that's going?

    Heather (Is it Thursday yet?)
  10. by   RN-PA

    Luka... Mmmmmm! I ~DO~ kinda like him... As far as his recent flashiness, wasn't he supposed to have been away for 2 months in Croatia (I think I missed an episode or two)? Maybe he finally made peace with his past (loss of his wife and daughter in the war) and has stopped mourning finally?
    Mmmmmmmmmm... poor Luka. I could have helped him stop mourning a long time ago

    I missed an episode or 2 myself, so I probably missed his being away. Thanks!

  12. by   LTC-LPN
    Does anyone remember Carrie mentioning being married at one point in her life, but stating, "it didn't work out" or something to that matter? I think it was when she first started going out with the psychiatrist, who left the show. Or else I haven't seen her in any scenes anymore. I know that they make Carrie *cold* in the show, but they also have tried to show some of her baggage with the attempts to find her mother. Never quite figured out her history though because the scenes about that were always sort of snuck into the show.

    I always hoped that Dr. Green would end up with Susan, but alas he made his choice with Dr. Elizabeth.

    Jane Ann

    Duckie, I will tell you my story of depending on the husband to tape ER for me! I came home from work (late after working the pm shift) and couldn't wait to watch the taped ER. Put on my jammies and got on the couch. House was quiet, I had control of the remote, had a lovely snack ready to eat and......turned on the VCR, NO ER! Husband had taped a NATURE PROGRAM FROM THE ANIMAL KINGDOM. By mistake, he said.
    I was very sad...sigh.
  13. by   RNforLongTime
    The name of the desk clerk that was always dressed inappropriately was Randy, a female.

    I always did like Jerry-the original desk clerk.

    Yes, I would like to see Carrie and him hooked up!

    Luka is HOT! SO HOT! They need to get him into a better storyline!

    Now this is wishful thinking but I wish they'd bring Julianna Marguilies (Carol Hathaway) and George Clooney back!!!!! What has Julianna done since leaving ER......not much. Sure George has had a FEW hit movies but I think he'd get much more money on ER. If the crew from Friends can get a million bucks per episode, then I think NBC could shell out some bucks for the cast of ER!!!!!!!!!

    I am totally addicted to ER, I even watch reruns on TNT during the week!
    Originally posted by kaknurse
    I am totally addicted to ER, I even watch reruns on TNT during the week!
    Oh yeah! Two of them every morning!

    There are only 2 shows I can watch over and over again, even though I've seen them all: ER and Golden Girls. They never get old. The way Lifetime and TNT rerun these shows, I could easily become a couch potato hermit