Last Night's "ER"

  1. So, what did y'all think?

    The backwards thing was hard for me to follow. Was amplified by hubby that kept leaving and re-entering going "what's happening now?" "But I thought he just....."

    And I just don't get the whole Luca thing. What are they attempting to portray? Is this supposed to be some sort of downward spiral after losing that flaky Abby? Whatever.

    So did that girl die? I missed, of course, the opening bit, which was really the end.

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  3. by   Stargazer
    Meh. Tres trendy, but I'm not sure how effective it was as a plot device.

    I really don't get the ER writers. I think they know the show is circling the drain and they just don't care anymore. They seem intent on making every character as unlikeable as possible. I really want to like Abby (and Maura Tierney is a talented actress) but the dialogue and storylines are making that impossible.

    Abby is a depressed, messed-up b*tch who treats Carter and her family like crap and has only occasional moments of compassion; Carter is, far too often, a self-righteous, self-absorbed, insecure, pompous whiny crybaby; Luka is now becoming a depressed, self-destructive, sleazy loser; Chen has been, of late, a borderline b*tch who is attracted to Pratt for no reason that has ever been made clear to me or the viewing audience at large, since he is a cocky, immature asshat; Elizabeth has been a cold, unsympathetic, shrieking fishwife for almost 3 years now; and Susan is just inert. The only characters I like at ALL right now are Gallant and Romano.

    They left it up in the air whether the med student dies or not. My guess is Harkins won't be dead, although I would love that because her character is hyper, competitive, nosy, self-righteous and just generally irritating. However, she's not a featured player, and her death would probably be the last straw for Luka, leading to the all-out breakdown they seem to be steering him towards. On the other hand, they usually save deaths for November or February sweeps. So she's gonna live, probably.
  4. by   kids
    It sucked...I gave up after 15 minutes and had sex...that at least was entertaining.
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  5. by   ShandyLynnRN
    I dont care much for ER these days. Last nites episode was REALLY hard to follow!!
  6. by   2banurse
    I confess that I do still like to watch ER, however, I felt that last show was kind of de ja vous. Remember when Doug went on that downward spiral with that girl that overdosed in his apartment and I don't think he even knew her name. Unfortunately, I am finding that the real exciting shows are becoming further apart...maybe four in the season. I think the most interesting one this season was the one in the beginning when the helicopter blade cut off Romano's arm...I actually felt sorry for the guy...briefly.
    I guess I'm hoping that it can rejuvenate itself...oh well!
  7. by   CountrifiedRN
    I hated the way they did that show. When I sit down to watch TV, I don't want to have to think about it, or try to remember what happened in the previous scene which was really the outcome of the scene I'm now watching.....or something like that. See what happens when I have to try to piece stuff together! Just entertain me, darn it!

    And besides, haven't they done that before?

    And although Luka is easy on the eye, I have always hated his character. Too wishy washy in the beginning, now it's like they are trying to out-do George Clooneys character.
  8. by   NurseAngie
    Hmm....glad I missed this one! I have become a fan of "Without a Trace" or whatever it's's on after CSI. I like it a lot!

  9. by   ptnurse
    Originally posted by NurseAngie
    Hmm....glad I missed this one! I have become a fan of "Without a Trace" or whatever it's's on after CSI. I like it a lot!

    I too have become a fan of "Without a Trace" I was finished with ER after Mark died. Near the end of the run for most shows the storylines usually become a little biazarre.
  10. by   emily_mom
    I originally had this on the WTF thread.....

    I have mixed feelings about ER last night. WTF is up with them making Kovach out to be such a d*ck? He was supposed to replace Clooney as the big hottie, but they've really messed him up. That's OK, I'd still do him!

    I was OK with the backwards crap. I got a little confused at times and hubby didn't watch from the beginning and didn't get it at all. You had to really watch...

    Disclaimer---I watch ER only for the sheer entertainment value it provides me. I do not watch it for the inaccuracies (mostly don't pay attention during traumas) or for the plugs (although I did notice Kovach had a Littman that was always turned so you could see the insignia). Damn you people for making me look so hard!!!

  11. by   subec
    I was so upset---the first Thurs. night since school started that I could watch "Must See TV", and most of the shows sucked. Very dissapointing.

    I was very confused by last night shows---although, some of it may have been my lack of sleep, the pharm. test I took yesterday morning, or that I was trying to decorate the Christmas tree during the show. Anyway, I thought the whole show was very weird.
  12. by   2banurse
    It may have been their intention to replace George Clooney...but NO WAY!!! I also agree that once Mark died, I've kind of only watching it with half an ear/eye...I actually tape it so I can watch Without a Trace after CSI. It's nice seeing Anthony LaPaglia as a good guy...he plays such diverse characters!
  13. by   TeresaRN2b
    Oh man I am in love with Luca, lol. I am just mad that they are so ruining him. ER is the only tv show I watch any more and I will admit that I was disappointed with this one. It was all hyped up to be great and I hate that backwards stuff!

    Glad to know that I am not the only one that likes Dr. Romano. He is one of my favorites. How long you think it's going to take them to hook up him and Elizabeth? And I totally agree with the Abby thing. Her attitude with this bipolar stuff is so whiny and pathetic. Good lord, I have a sister that is bipolar and I don't act like she was given a "curse". Ok, next episode better be better, but I'm still in love with Luca so I'll still be watching for a while yet.

  14. by   RNforLongTime
    Yeah, Thursday's episode of ER really sucked bad! I've said this before but I think that this will be the last season for ER as they are running out of story lines. ER started the same season as Friends (1994) plus all the characters are leaving...I think that this is Noah Wylie's last season.....they've done nothing with Susan's character since she returned. Oh well

    I really enjoy "American Dreams" on NBC Sunday evenings. My husband and I watch it every Sunday it's on. A very good show...