Laser Treatment for Spider Veins

  1. I just came from my third laser treatment for spider veins that I have mainly on my anterior thighs, just above the knee. I was tired of my legs looking like a Pennsylvania road map, and wanted to feel less self-conscious in shorts, so I started laser treatments a few months ago. I'm told that spider veins can be hereditary and also result from hormones (pregnancy and birth control pills-- which I was on for 20 years). Anyway, each treatment costs $150.00 and I'm not seeing a whole lot of change (fading, disappearance) of the spider veins so far and I wondered if anyone else here has had any success with laser treatments-- How many did you have, cost, success, etc-- before I pour much more of my hard-earned money into this procedure.

    I wondered if anyone has knowledge of different laser equipment and if some work better on spider veins than others. I started out with one consultation and treatment by the head of Plastic Surgery at a local hospital (his cost would've been $250.00/treatment) and his laser was different from the one with which I now get the therapy. It felt like a rubber band snapping my skin with each "zap". The laser my current doctor has uses a conducting gel and it feels like a burn with each "zap".

    The alternative is sclerosing treatments done by injecting saline into the veins, but I've heard that you have to wear Teds stockings or other support hose for 6 weeks after a treatment. A potential complication can be abscess, too.

    Ah what we will do for vanity... Any feedback or info. would be appreciated!