Ladies, how often do you shave?

  1. OK, I think it's time for something light...
    How often do you all shave your legs? I was thinking about this as I was shaving this morning for the first time in too long. lol
    I always see women at work embarrassed cause they haven't shaved in a day, a week, a month. I'm wondering how often most of us do?
  2. Poll: Ladies, how often do you shave your legs?

    • Never!!!

      2.27% 2
    • Every day or else!

      23.86% 21
    • About once a week

      19.32% 17
    • Maybe every month or so

      12.50% 11
    • Often in the summer, not so often in the winter

      42.05% 37
    88 Votes
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  4. by   Beach_RN
    1 to 2 times a week in the winter....IN the summer every other day! Gotta have smooth silky legs!
  5. by   ayemmeff
    Oh!for a minute I thought you meant faces!:imbar: But for legs,I'm more lazy in winter-thats what trousers are for isn't it?
  6. by   Stargazer
    Shave what, now? Oh, LEGS. Well.

    Same as Brenda. Weekly or so in winter, every 1 - 2 days in summer.
  7. by   nursedawn67
    Everyday....ok so call me nuerotic!
  8. by   nessa1982
    Monthly, maybe weekly in the winter, every 1-3 days in the summer (Im blonde so I can get away with letting the fuzz grow, but you can see it when the sun shines! Ack)
  9. by   JohnnyGage
    Yes, I shave my legs ... about once a week in the summer when it's biking season. In the winter? Never.
  10. by   PennyLane
    Every two or three days in the winter, every other day in the summer.

    Next summer I'm thinking of just getting them waxed.
  11. by   Beach_RN
    I have gotten them waxed in the past in the summer last about 4-5 weeks... as least for me! that's a whole other thread!....
  12. by   ayemmeff
    You're all such well-groomed people!!

    Especially you Johnny!
    I'm kinda neurotic about my routines, so I have to shave every time I shower. It would throw off the entire routine if I didn't.

    That makes it everyday in the summer, but I'll go a day without in the winter when my skin gets so dry.

  14. by   Lausana
    I have to shave about every other day or it drives me nuts! Barely any hair grows above my knees, but it grows super fast by my ankles-it's freaky

    Waxing would be nice, but I don't know if I could handle growing my hair out long enough
  15. by   kristi915
    Atleast twice a week during the winter, during the summer is almost every day, or every other day.