Lab results....10 days later?

  1. I am not a happy camper at all. Just got back from taking my FIL into the ER this morning. Why? I'll tell you...

    My FIL had some routine labs drawn on the 11th of Feb. He has a hx of CHF and some other problems. He is 83 years old and has been widowed almost a year now. Anyway, YESTERDAY a nurse from his family doctor's office called and wanted to know how he was feeling and was he having any trouble breathing. He told them no more than normal. The reason she was asking was because some of his labs were "off" and she was just checking. Now this is at 4pm on a Friday that they call and 10 days after the fact.... So my poor FIL tosses and turns all night last night thinking something is really wrong. So this morning he asks my hubby and I if would take him to the ER. Take him in, they get his labs from 10 days ago and find out his BNP is elevated to about 500 at that time. Drew some labs and today it is around 600. But the thing that really freaked me out was his heart rate was 33 when they checked his vitals.... Put him on a monitor and having PVC's, couplets, bigemny...His heart rate did steadily pick up while we were there....funny thing was he was pink, warm, and dry while being so bradycardic.
    Making a phone call to his cardiologist first thing Monday morning...skipping over the family doc. I have nothing against family practice docs but I think this one dropped the ball....again. This isn't the first time this has happened with this doctor's office...ugh!!! I fully trust his cardiologist though and hope we can get this abnormal rhythm straightened out. He may be heading for a pacer-he has had some problem with this in the past. Wore a halter monitor and it showed all kinds of funky stuff. Oh, the joys of getting older....
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  3. by   LilgirlRN
    My mom called me this morning, my aunt had an EGD 27 days ago and has ulcers and they finally got around to putting her on something today!! So I know your frustration, hope he does well )