Kristi915, update on the Kid...

  1. quoted by kristi015 on the thread "Looks like we're up again..." Sleepyeyes, how's that son of yours doing tonight? I hope he's feeling better.

    Sleepyeyes and I had a nice little chat while waiting for the boards...
    Well, it was a little scary at first, Kristi. I was happily tapping away with you when suddenly my daughter and SIL popped up on yahoo, and almost simultaneously, the Kid started bawling in the bedroom, loud enough to wake DH.

    So after I signed off, the Kid and I went into the living room and we read about Hezekiah. Then Jr. wanted to know how come Hezekiah put the letter from the assyrians on the altar, and I explained that it was because Hezekiah was presenting the Lord evidence that the assyrians had said some really bad stuff about Him. I told him that prayer can take many forms, and Hezekiah was presenting a petition for his people based on the assyrians' evil intentions vs God's good intentions.
    Then we talked about petitioning the Lord. And I showed him how Moses made his plea for the Israelites when God had totally had enough of their antics. (and who could blame Him??)

    We finished up with Ecclesiastes. There is a time for everything, I explained. But the point of life is not that you did a lot of great things, it's that you were following the Lord. (So it is only my opinion that Solomon didn't have THAT much wisdom, else he wouldn't have deserted the Lord and eventually come back to write Ecclesiates?)

    Ahem==back to following the Lord. Sometimes we don't always see where He's leading us. And that's ok, because if we follow Him, ultimately, we all meet in Heaven. And nobody has to say goodbye in Heaven. No one is sick. No one cries, because no one is sad.

    So he stayed up to read a little more, and write his petition, and I went to bed.
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