know it alls!

  1. Okay so I guess there has to be one in every bunch, but Lord this guy in my CNA class is driving me nuts!!! On the first day of class, I made the mistake of eating lunch with him and got the whole schpiel of "well my mom and dad and step-mom and step-dad and uncle's third-cousin and blah blah blah are nurses and so I know I won't have a trouble getting a job on the floor that I want" (hello he's training to be a CNA and he's already trying to use family connections???) My best friend is the secretary of the education department where we take our classes and so on our breaks i will go up front and talk with her, well i guess he figures she might be telling me something secret and vital because he is right there over my shoulder all the freaking time! He's wasting his time because she doesn't have access to the employment side of anything. Anyway, every topic that we discuss he has been there, done that and just has to share, he's not that old, only 20 so how could he have seen that much??? Whenever we are practicing our skills for our cert exam, he is right there over everyone's shoulder telling them what they are doing wrong, but never practicing because "he knew these skills the first week of class" he seems to have problems with the way I take blood pressure "you letting the air out too fast, too slow, the cuff's not tight enough, etc" We both applied for a position in the peds unit of the hospital and though we haven't gotten the official placements yet, he did have to go and interview at another department (happy happy joy joy!) which means that I probably got the job (inspite of him being soooo well connected and even getting his step mom to talk to the clinical manager for him! No really, he was telling people on the day of interviews that his interview only lasted 3 mins because (and I swear he looked straight at me when he said this) I already have the job locked up!"

    Today I reached a breaking point, I was practicing bed making and I guess he didn't think the sheet was tight enough (the instructor seemed to think it was alright) so he comes up and starts tucking it in even more! Right in the middle of my evaluation! I lost it, my friend said that my face was beet red! I looked him straight in the eye and as civilly as I could, informed him to not interrupt me while practicing anything and to leave me the hell alone. I wanted to die when I realized the RN was still there, but I saw her out of the corner of her eye, trying not to laugh. I really shouldn't have snapped at him, but I was exhausted from trying to do this and work a second job to pay rent, so when I went to apologize, this little jack a** had the nerve to say "thats okay, with clinical skills like yours, you won't last on the peds unit long anyway" OMG, WHAT A JERK!!! Sorry, but I am still seething from this and I just had to vent.

    Are these people everywhere?? Lord help me, don't tell me I will run into them in nursing school! (I know, I know, I probably will...)
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  3. by   prn nurse
    Have you heard that phrase? He is insecure. He has figured you as someone who is going to catch on fast and that is why he is hangin with you.
    Everybody has something likeable about them. I'm sure he does too. Cut him some slack. Tell him you were feeling a bit anxious or whatever.
    But , with people like that, I make a real effort , and it is a REAL effort, to find something to like about them. And i always do. and then we wind up being friends.
    this nursing business is all about teamwork...when you want to call someone who deserves it an a**hole,...and they truly deserve it, just resist, ..... because before the week is out, you will need them to help you with something.

    If you talk to him, you will find out he is concerned about not measuring up to someone's expectations in his family. Someone has criticised he is trying hard to make an impression . and to " talk the talk"......before he has personally learned it and experienced it.

    You'll both do well...he sounds like a nice guy. If he wasn't, he wouldn't be trying so hard.

    Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of this class...start over....
  4. by   mattsmom81
    PRN nurse, you said a mouthful!!

    These types are insecure and ...look at it as a compliment...he is trying to impress you by all his bragging....I know it gets old, maybe this insecurity will pass as he gets to know ya'll better and feels more comfortable.

    I've had' know it all' coworkers who have made this part of their permanent personality too...and then they wonder why nobody likes them. <sigh>

    Oh takes all kinds my Mama used to say.
  5. by   BadBird
    He is a legend in his own mind. Be thankful that when you graduate you don't ever have to see him again.
  6. by   adrienurse
    I used to have a classmate who would sit at the back of the class and interrupt almost every lecture with "Excuse me, I have a comment.........". ANd she wasn't even that bright. I wanted to strangle her on graduation night.
  7. by   shay
    Prn nurse, you're so nice and polite and grounded about stuff like this....

    I'm afraid I just can't be that good!!! I'm sorry, but people like this not only irritate the SNOT outta me, they also WORRY me.

    Know-it-alls are DANGEROUS at the bedside, I don't care what insecurities they're compensating for. When they get into a clinical setting, they're over confident, and think they know it ALL, and next thing you know it's THEIR patient that's crumping because miss/mr know-it-all DIDN'T DO SOMETHING THE RIGHT WAY. They don't take instruction, they don't listen to folks with more experience who may have some wisdom to offer.....heck, they JUST PLAIN DON'T LISTEN in my experience. I don't like 'em, and I try to stay the he** away from them.

    Angela, I'm so sorry you had a run in with mr. butthead holier-than-thou. If you're a big enough person to 'look for his good qualities,' great. My hat off to you. If it were me, though, I'd just steer clear of him and hope and pray he doesn't work on my unit.

  8. by   angelac1978
    and be the bigger person, last week when we had to drive to a LTC facility 45 mins away I let him ride with me 2 days in a row because he already has a 30 min commute (lemme tell ya though, I had the radio up the whole way down and back)
    I've tried everything I know of to be able to tolerate him more but it seems like nothing works. I think also that I am just plain worn out by taking this class all day and working all night and just don't have the energy/patience right now to put up with all the"blah blah blahs" that come out of his mouth.
    Oh and I forgot to mention in my first post, but someone in my class told me that he had said to them that I "stole" the peds position from him. Hello??? we interviewed with the same woman on the same frickin' day! UUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    Anyway, I must go to bed now cause this little chickie's tail is dragging. Maybe thats why I do BP wrong all the time...