Knives On Planes? Yes, TSA Changes Rules

  1. Back in January, the Transportation Safety Agency (TSA) announced that its controversial full body scanners were going the way of the Dodo.
    Over the past year, various programs have relaxed shoe-removal standards for kids, the elderly and frequent travelers, while approved cases let travelers keep their laptops caged.

    Now, in perhaps the biggest of these Post-9/11changes to airport security, carry-on standards have been relaxed to include knives, golf clubs, hockey sticks and other previously banned items.

    The "Changes to the Prohibited Item List" allows knives, but only of the folding variety and with blades of no more than 2.36" in length and ½" in width. For most travelers the significant effect is to allow small pocketknives, the kind often attached to key rings, as well as the bane of traveling oenophiles, corkscrews or "waiter's friends." Razors and box cutters of all varieties remain banned. ...
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  3. by   TopazLover
    I don't understand the golf clubs and hockey sticks. I can't imagine their closets are big enough for these things.

    I think the knife thing is realistic not to have a large blade but not take away small pocket knives. In AK when you went to a village you took food that would not spoil, things you could cut up, and needed your knife.

    I do think the relaxation of allowing crochet hooks was good. Taking shoes off is just gross. If I have 2 oz. of face lotion in a 10 oz container it gets pulled but I can take a plastic bottle filled with lord knows what as long as it is able to fit in the "sandwich" bags.

    We once got into big trouble for taking a bent bolt in carry-on luggage. it was for a specific purpose with the boat. All of a sudden we heard "gun" and people came charging over. I was told not to move, in no uncertain terms. They rescanned it and opened the bag to find a bolt about 3 1/2 and having a 45 degree bend.

    On the other hand we know that racial profiling is a waste of time. I had that argument with DS. Within one week the found Jihad Jane; blonde, blue eyed, and dangerous. if I wanted to smuggle something I would have me take it. Old lady who walks with a limp and carries a cane. They x-ray the cane but I suspect you could fill it with something bad.

    All of us have learned to live with most of their rules. The knife thing is nice for pocket knives. I still shake my head about the sticks.
  4. by   Rose_Queen
    I think the TSA is far too reactionary. Someone (unsuccessfully) attempts to use a shoe bomb- now everyone has to take their shoes off. Some (unrealistic) plot using liquid explosives is revealed- suddenly we can't take any liquids in a container larger than 3oz. And you don't want to get me started on the "advanced imaging technology." I bet if there was an airline that offered reasonable fees and found a way to get passengers on a plane without having to go through the insanity that is TSA security, they'd quickly become the #1 choice for most frequent fliers who have to deal with the TSA on a regular basis. I'm not that frequent a traveler, but I'd sure as heck support such an airline.