1. just wondering if there are any knitting nurses.

    if so, i would loovvee to find nursing/medicine themed patterns

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  3. by   whiskeygirl
    I am, however, I don't think I have run across any themed patterns yet. I will keep it in mind though.
  4. by   RN007
    Hi, Mandi. Are you new to the forum? I think I read your first post last night -- Christmas Eve!

    I used to knit and very much want to get back into it after I graduate in May. I'll keep an eye out for patterns, too.

    Merry Christmas! :Santa1:
  5. by   VickyRN
    Thread moved to the Break Room as it does not directly pertain to nursing issues.
  6. by   nursemary9
    Hi Mandi

    Welcome to Allnurses.
    I have knit in the past, but never came accross any patterns with a nursing theme.

    At present, I have been doing more crochet work then knitting.

    Good Luck

    Mary Ann
  7. by   TheCommuter
    I don't know how to knit. However, I have been crocheting since a very young age.
  8. by   Katnip
    I knit some. I've been working on a scarf for three years, though. I really do need to get back to it.

    Haven't seen any medical themes for knitters though.

    With computer programs these days, you could probably design your own.
  9. by   muffie
    i am a knitter and hope to be a crocheter someday too
    dishcloths are my forte
    i'm working on #4,932 with tammy

    welcome to the gang and good luck w the search