Kitty hunting! Yay, I love kitties! Umm, help me.

  1. Okay, kitty "shopping" at the end of May. I have questions:

    Are cats okay alone, or is it better to get two so they can play with each other?

    If you have two cats, is it horribly expensive? We're on a bit of a budget.

    What starter things are essential for cats?

    Does it matter what litter and all to buy? I've heard they're picky.

    What age is good? We want a kitten, but not necessarily a newborn...

    Am I crazy?

    Can you train a cat to be affectionate?

    Any other advice? Let me have it.

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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    My only advice is to go to the shelter, shop and ask your questions there. Also have your pet spayed or neutered as soon as possible.

    There are lots of unwanted cats at the shelter that make great pets, I have three of them that were rescued from the shelter.

  4. by   jnette
    Agree with 2nd career RN.. or get one from Petsmart who also take in abandoned animals.

    I love kitties, favorites !

    No, they really aren't expensive to keep, and I always preferred to have two, so they would have a companion while we were working all day. Kitty litters vary.. just depends on your own nose.
    You'll learn as you go. A good flea collar, a few shots, and getting them spayed/neutered are your only costs. Some places give a good discount for the "fixing" and some even do it for free. You'll have to look around.

    Happy Hunting! And I want PICS when you've found you babies !

    Oh ! Get them no younger than 6 weeks, to be sure they are weaned... or they'll be sucking on your earlobe like mine did 'til he was an adult kitty !
  5. by   dianah
    Be sure to have some sisal rope posts they can claw on. Ours have posts but they still have chosen one chair to claw. Be prepared: your house may no longer look like a model home. (we love our cats!!)
  6. by   cpgrn
    I think I have baby kitties in my garage. This stray cat keeps going in there and now I hear little meows. I hope she takes good care of them. I can't even get near her - she is so wild. If I can find the kittens maybe I can tame them. I have tried with her but I haven't had any luck yet. She is really the neighbors cat but she has taken up residence here once or twice and now I'm sure I hear kittens. Whatever - we love animals. We have our own cat and two dogs - what's a few more. Cats are a lot easier than dogs because they're not as "people needy" and you can leave them for longer without problems.
  7. by   angelac1978
    you can try going to to see if your local shelter is online. You can search for kitties in your area, see pictures, ages, which ones are "urgent" (read, about to be put to sleep) and what type of home they would do best in (ex, no small children, other animals, etc) mny shelters charge an adoption fee, I think its like $55 per animal at our local humane society, but this fee covers them getting spayed or neutered, their first round of shots, and usually a deworming. If you don't want spastic little kittens, you should look for kitties from 6mos- 1yr old, they are still cute and playful at this age but are starting to be more independent. As far as litter and food go, be prepared to keep buying whatever you start them with. If you start with cheap walmart food and litter, keep buying that for them. Kitties can be resistant to change and sometimes down right refuse to change! I remember when we started using new litter, our kitty would not use her litter box. She would do her business in the bath tub (hey at least it wasn't on the carpet!) If you do have to change food or litter, do it gradually, mixing in a little more of the new stuff each day. I prefer to get more than one kitty at a time. We had one of ours pass recently and the one thats left seems so lonely sometimes, she has definitely become more "needy" wanting to be held and petted and paid attention to. We are planning to go and get her another friend in a few weeks and hopefully that transition will go well. Good luck on picking a new fur child, they can be so much fun and comfort!


    ps. would also love to see pictures once you decide who to adopt
  8. by   jemb
    You'll love your babies! I have 5 cats, and love each one of them Two are better, not just because they keep each other company when humans aren't there, but they're so entertaining to watch! I, too, recommend the shelter, or Petsmart, Petco, or another adopt a homeless animal place. Definitely get them spayed or neutered.

    Some are more affectionate than others (just like people), but they generally respond in kind to the way they are treated when you get them young. I have one that I got at 9 weeks, who still sucks on my ear lobe -- 11 years later! They are very adaptable when they are young-- say, less than a year when you get them.

    I buy food and litter at Walmart. I use a layer of crystals on the bottom covered with crystal blend litter about 2" deep works really well.

    They'll need kitten shots, and then boosters periodically, but they're not that expensive. I would also recommend microchips for ID even if you never plan to let them outside. (Cats have a way of finding open doors when you least expect it!)
  9. by   jemb
    Here are two of my kitties:
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  10. by   Spidey's mom
    We have one cat right now and she is indoor/outdoor at will. No litter box. Not expensive after getting her fixed. She is five years old. Sleeps with the dog out in the yard, which is very funny to see. Gotta get a photo of that someday. She loves the dog's food too . . .
  11. by   aimeee
    No you are not crazy! We take much joy in watching the antics of our furry friends.

    Can you train a cat to be affectionate? I don't think so...they all have their own personalities and some are more aloof than others and you just don't really know until they grow up. But if you give them lots of cuddling when they are little so they are used to being pet and handled then I think they are more tolerant of it.

    Too bad you are not close by. My friend has 5 kittens right now to give away!
  12. by   Jay-Jay
    We bottle raised 3 kitties from a feral mom. If you don't get them before they are weaned, they are really hard to tame. It was sooo interesting and so much fun to see them grow and learn things! But of all the cats I've had, these two were the least friendly. They weren't UNfriendly but they weren't nearly as affectionate as other cats I've had. I don't know if it was because they'd been wild cats for several generations, or because they got more bonded to each other than to the humans in their lives. They also sprayed and peed in the house. It's the only time in a lifetime of cat owning that I've had a problem with this, and I blame the hubby for it happening. The female needed to be spayed, and he kept saying "but she's SO tiny, I don't think she will survive it!" Well, I never knew this before....but females in heat will spray! And she got the male doing it too, even though he was neutered! Arg! Every time I see a picture or other vertical surface with a streak down it, I think of them.... Even my computer screen got the 'treatment'!

    They disappeared one day while we were on vacation. Our neighbour who was SUPPOSED to be cat sitting left them outside all night, and we never saw them again.
  13. by   MishlB
    I agree with the above...go to the local shelter. Shelters usually require spaying or neutering, and it is definitely the best for the cat. I have two bottle fed babies and would not give them up for anything! Litter depends on the cat. Scoopable litter lasts longer, and the urine clumps nicely for scooping. Keep the box clean, because cats tend to get upset when their box is messy, and may "go" elsewhere. I wouldn't recommend letting your cat ouside, too many, animals, poisons, etc.
    Some cats prefer to be the only one in the house, but others love a friend to keep them company and sleep with. You got some good advice here so far...have fun with your new baby!!!
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!
  14. by   psychonurse
    Wish I could have cats but I cant.....highly allergic unless they were totally outdoor cats....maybe when I get a place in the country I will get some kitties to live on the farm.....