Kitchen gadgets and "things"

  1. Okay,people, I think that due to the fact that my husband loves to cook gourmet foods, my kitchen has more "things" than anybody elses. We have about 8 or 10 feet of cookbooks (in a bedroom, as there is no room in the kitchen for them all!), 3 woks, 2 crockpots, 2 blenders(we used to have 3 but burnt the motor on 1 out making margaritas at a party several years ago), 2 juicers, 1 kitchen prep center, 1 electric food processor, 7 different styles of coffee makers (not the regular coffee pots, these things vary from 2 capechino machines--2 types, to the Mellita drip pot!), 6 different types of vegie slicer/dicer/grinder gadgets, a pasta machine, a meat slicer, 3 different styles of steaming baskets, 4 coffee grinders, an ice shaver, 2 seal-a-meal gizmos, 2 fondue pots (we used to have 3, but one broke) to I don't remember what else we have! Our kitchen is your basic galley style in a basic rambler home, so many of these things are kept in the kitchen and in closets in the spare bedroom and shelves in the basement stairway. We have accumulated many of these things over the 26 years we've been married: some as gifts, some as family hand-me-downs; some at garage sales; and some--who knows where they came from? And we usually use most of these things in the course of the year!!!!!! I keep telling him he needs to get rid of some of these gadgets, but he keeps telling me I've got to get rid of some of MY books instead! I'm not even going to start telling about the herbs and spices and condiments-- that would be a whole 'nother topic of discussion! LOL!!!
    The funny thing is; we only have 1 3 qt. sauce pan (which he just burnt the h*#@ out of by forgetting he was cooking), 1 1&1/2 qt. sauce pan, and 1 small sauce pan! LOL!!!
    Anyone else have as many gadgets with so few pans? We do have a few cooking pots and frying pans also, but no great or odd number of them.
    Does your kitchen have as much and as wide a variety of gadgets; or is your (or your spouse's) hobby or interest in another part of the house--like tools in the garage; or wine in the cellar? Come on, 'fess up!
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  3. by   Zee_RN
    What?! You don't have a RICE STEAMER!! You NEED a rice steamer!! Best investment I ever made. I love gadgets. On my wish list is one of the big ole Food Processors. I have a little one but I want THE BIG ONE.
  4. by   CEN35
    well..................we certainly don't have all that stuff! sounds like something you would watch on a tv show, where the ronco commercial comes on......and the husband is just dying to buy it cuz it looks so great. after it arrives......he uses it once, can't figure it out........calls it a piece of @#$% and then throws it in a closet fro the next 10!
    now on the part of him burning a pan? well my wife ahad this neat tea our old house, which had electric burners. it's not like gas where you light, boil and are done. you turn it on and wait and wait........well i went to do something else forgot about it......and melted the ceramic off the kettle!!!!! did the same thing with a pot..........seperated the brass plate from the stainless steel!!!! thank god we have gas!!! having gas should increase my life expectancy a while longer!!! :d
  5. by   Nursz-R-Awsm
    Wow, Jen P...that's a lot of stuff! I feel like our kitchen is packed, but as far as I know there aren't doubles of any appliances LOL. Sounds like fun though...and if my husband loved to cook that way, that would be neat? Glad to hear it's at least being used...more than I can say for some of my stuff.

    I've pulled a "Rick" with my electric burners also. I was able to save the saucepan, but lost a tea kettle (special gift from my uncle too)! Red ceramic is still on the burner!!
  6. by   misti_z
    We do not have near as many kitchen gadgets as you but that sounds great. I love to try new recipes that I find in magazines or recipe books.
    But speaking of "things"....
    My husband has about 500 CDs, 50 vinyl records, a drum set, 2 amps, 4 guitars, 1 bass guitar, and a large stereo system--4 3ft tower Cerwin-Vega speakers. Need less to say it gets loud around here on our off days!! But it's a lot of fun, I'm sorry did you say something, I could hear you
    We also collect stand up arcade games... You know like the old Centipede and Pacman games. At one time we had 12, most have been sold now. It is a very profitable hobby Here's a link to his arcade game collection page:
  7. by   Jenny P
    We did have a rice steamer once, but it broke and we never replaced it.
    Rick, the only TV ad kitchen gadget we've ever bought was a food dryer (oh, I forgot to mention, we have 2 of those!); my Grandma was the one who bought those things. She got probably the first TV advertized gadget there was: a Veg-o-matic! And also the french fry cutter. Those first machines are still in service back home (although my Grandma is long gone!), and they will probably still be working a hundred years from now because they are so strudy-- not a bit of plastic on them, LOL!
    He IS a good cook, and when he's in his muse; we really enjoy the fruits of his labor! But my Permanent Stainless 3 quart sauce pan is ruined and we will have to buy another

    It probably doesn't help that my daughter now sells Cutco cutlery and is always trying to get us to buy more knives. Oh, that's right, I didn't mention the utensils, did I?
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  8. by   RNforLongTime
    I have things that I received at my bridal shower over 2 years ago that are still in the attic in their original boxes.

    My mom bought me a bread maker/toater oven that cost over 100 dollars. She has one just like it. My husband and I live with his mother so she has all of her stuff in the kitchen one of which is a toaster broiler oven. I have 2 crock pots which my husband likes to use for his venison concoctions for his football parties. A blender, a toaster, 2 sets of Pyrex portables, 4 sets of Corelle China in my pattern that I picked out, a set of Oneida silverware. A hand mixer and other stuff that I can't remember right now.

    Did I mention all of the towels and shower curtains and a quilt and a blanket? Some of the above mentioned things are being used but most of them are not. I am "saving" my Corelle for posterity I think. I'm not sure exactly why I am saving them. My mother in law is 78 years old and the best mother in law that a person could ask for. When(God forbid) she passed on, then I will probably break out my Corelle--unless all of the plates in our house get broken first. I was going to save them for my "new house" but the husband tells me that we are going to stay where we are at but make renovations on the house over time.

    Oh well! Anybody need a slightly used George Foreman fat grilling machine?