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  1. Hi All,

    The School season is fast approaching. I'm just curious what others might be paying for their kids school lunches or do you/they pack their lunch? Or have open lunch?

    Thanks, Marie

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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    this school term approaching will be the first time in quite a few years my children will not have to pay for their meals. the cost for lunch is $1.75 each and for breakfast, $0.75 each. they do spend money for extra milk, drink, snacks tho. i usually by a box of individual bag snack, but some how they aren't the same for my children. the snack machines at school food tastes better, go figure.
  4. by   Rustyhammer
    Here we get free lunches at school.
  5. by   Mkue
    FREE LUNCHES???? I'm in the wrong STATE !! I knew

    Our basic lunch per day is 1.85 per child in Jr. High, anything else is x-tra, cookies, x-tra milk,, etc..

    Thanks !
  6. by   Beach_RN
    It's Bologna and Cheese for my boy every day from September to June... he won't eat anything else...My daughter anything I pack is ok with her....... but it's always a sandwich....for both, maybe some pringles and a juice box
    My son pays $1.40. But there are only a few things that he likes, so he usually just packs. Momma makes a pretty mean lunch!

  8. by   kristi915
    At my school it depends on your parents salary. If they make good money then you can buy a lunch ticket for $1.60 and get a good meal or salad bar. Or you can do the ala'carte thing and get either pizza, a chicken burger, spicy chicken burger, italians, and pb&j for $1.50. Then we have cookies and chips, ice cream, french fries, nachos.....and milk or juice drinks or water......the ala'carte gets really expensive for everyday.

    I used to get a chicken burger for $1.50, a water for $1.00, and an ice cream for $1.00 plus mayo for 5cents...that's what? $3.55 a day... which is....around $17.75 a week, more or less.....
  9. by   live4today
    Interested in hearing more about what your children will be packing in their school lunches if they aren't into buying their lunch from the school cafeterias. I can pass on these tidbits to my children for their kids school lunches.

    Also....when your kid reaches junior high, are they embarrassed to pack a lunch for school?

    At what age do your children no longer think it's cool to pack their lunch?

    At what age do your children think it's uncool to carry lunch boxes that have cartoon characters or movie characters on them?

    I saw a promo this morning on television about kids backpacks causing them back problems. They were promoting a certain type of backpack that would carry most of the weight instead of the weight of the books being on your child's back. Those back protective backpacks cost between $39.95 and $74.00.
    Well Renee, my son is 7, and is mighty proud of the Harry Potter lunchbox he got his hands on last week! (it was the last one )

    He's easily pleased, and has only 2 variations that he likes. Either half of a pb&j, with a few chips and 1 Ho-Ho. Or a homemade lunchable (those things are so expensive). I just throw in a couple slices of ham & cheese, cut up, with some crackers. And milk. So far he's always had an early lunch (11:00) so he only likes a small lunch.

    I'd also be interested in hearing when they like to quit packing.

  11. by   Robin61970
    The amount of books children carry these days is amazing and it makes sense that it would hurt their hurts for lunches, well.....with my being a full time student and no job my son gets free lunches at school because of our income bracket.
  12. by   Furball dad was wrong eh? He always told me that there was no such THING as a free lunch. I'll have to call him, Rusty, and set him straight!

    $1.50 here for a 5th grader
  13. by   researchrabbit
    1.75 for a 7th grader, varies widely for a high schooler. Both my kids take a lunch 2-5 times a week. PB&J continues to be their preferred lunch...but my son also likes salad sometimes (plain lettuce with a packet of dressing so nothing spoils).

    They sometimes carry yogurt. If you freeze it, it keeps the rest of the lunch cold (so you can send a Lunchable or cheese) and it is usually unthawed in time (unless they have a really early lunch).
  14. by   JailRN
    Cheerfuldoer, there are now rolling backpacks. My older son rolled one in 95-96 in Military school. He got teased for it at first, but he used to say, "Hey, I work smart, not hard" by the end of the year, most of the boys were "rolling" them .
    Now, the 3rd grade, soon to be 8 year old has one that also rolls. He loves it.

    As for lunches, The little guy, Joey, only will eat "Ragu express" for lunch, the teacher makes it for him. They don't have a caf. where you can get a variety of stuff, but they sell hot dogs on Wed and pizza on Thurs. That plus juice costs about $1.00. We send in a case of juices and snacks for him and the teacher doles them out and lets us know when he runs low.

    When the older one was in school, he wouldn't eat what they served in the caf-he had a school that had a caf. He used to go out for lunch every day to a salad place.

    Neither one of them would ever carry a lunch box or bag. (Probably a good thing-they'd loose it too quickly.-both autistic.)